You can safely say that the experience of customers is at the heart of digital transformation. With COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, businesses are having to respond aggressively with digital marketing strategies if they want to remain competitive 

Every business needs to plan their marketing strategy carefully and choose the ones that ensure more profitability. 

Digital marketing has to be contactless 

The current pandemic poses a threat to those businesses that still rely on human interaction for their daily activities. These businesses now have to decide how to assist their clients in a quick, contactless manner. The answer lies in accelerating digital transformation.  

 The demand to show quantifiable results is what makes digital marketing so sought after and digital media is far easier to track than traditional marketing media such as print advertising.  

Companies also find digital advertising well priced. Having a web presence and engaging customers with chatting through social media and e-mail marketing are also far less costly than print advertising. 

Professional blogging 

Am excellent digital marketing strategy is linked to a good website, and blogging can create useful content for your customers on the site. Blogging is a powerful component of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, a well-written, informative blog provides customers with knowledge about your business – the products and services it offers.  

Blog posts attract web surfers and blog posting helps you engage directly with these surfers. You have a great way to communicate with them and answer their questions, getting to know precisely what they’re after. Of course, the bogs have to be written professionally to do their job at attracting customers. 

TextRoyal is a professional writing team who can ensure you get fresh, useful content for your website. With blog writing services, you find professional writers who are 100% knowledgeable in their field and totally clued up on all aspects of writing successful blog posts.  

An appealing website 

This is an old tip but it can never be taken lightly. With so many people ‘living’ on their mobile devices, it is an absolute necessity to have a website these days, more so with the coronavirus. Everyone is interacting on their cell phones. Website based e-commerce systems give companies direct access to prospects and customers whom it would have been difficult or impossible to reach.  

Even tiny industries need a web page as modern cell phones can do everything a computer can do. A sales page is available 24/7 and web surfers can arrive at your website and request your services or even leave a review if they are old customers.  

A marketing manager also can’t ignore international markets so get a professional web design company involved who can help you with all your internet needs to grow your business and move it forward with local- and international customers. 

Look at content mediums 

Everybody is different and buyers have their preferences as to where they like to get their information. Every business that is aware of this wants to know what channels to add to their marketing mix to satisfy the needs of their customers or buyers.  

So if you want to expand your digital marketing reach, you may have to add a new platform. It would require asking your customers where they spend their time. The idea would be to look for opportunities to expand on those platforms. 

That’s not all, though. You also want to find your target audience because it doesn’t help to create wonderful content without knowing who your audience is. For instance, Facebook provides analytics that are free for you to use so that you can determine the demographics of your users. Twitter also has a followers dashboard that tells you what your followers are interested in.