The packaging of a product plays a huge role in consumer decisions. Although we may not notice it, subconsciously, we are all intrigued by unique, distinctive packaging. Packaging communicates a lot of information, even at first glance. It’s a huge part of your brand identity. It’s a marketing tool, instantly giving off a first impression.

Packaging isn’t discussed nearly enough, so here is a quick overview of why it is an important part of the process.

Packaging equals identity

Think about some of your favorite brands. All of them share one thing in common – they are memorable. Packaging is both the first and most important element of brand identity. Everyone can spot a can of Coca-Cola instantly on a supermarket shelf.

It’s important to stand out. Copying the competition or already established products will only result in a forgettable impression. Your product should distinguish itself when it comes to packaging that can either be done via color, design or container shape.

Go a step beyond and conduct some research. If you’ve established a target demographic, get a focus group to get some feedback on different colors or packaging ideas. That data will be invaluable for designing a perfect first impression.

Proper packaging increases profits

The worst possible thing that can happen to a customer is ordering a product only to find that it has arrived damaged or unusable. Proper packaging can help you increase profits in a plethora of ways.

The most obvious point is that packaging influences our perception of the value of the product. Well designed, sophisticated packaging can make a higher price-point seem justified. You still have to deliver quality – but customers do a lot of thinking with their eyes, and this can be used to your advantage.

When properly packaged, products generally fare better in shipping. This has a two-fold effect – you will strengthen your reputation as a reliable business, and fewer products will be returned. This is a win-win situation for you. Fewer expenses and more positive reviews make this a worthwhile investment.

Products with quality packaging are easier to ship, and this will improve delivery time. If you can, try to use more environmentally friendly packaging. Customers are increasingly showing a preference for eco-friendly solutions.

Packaging as a marketing tool

Packaging can give us an impression of quality. Take a look at Vaping360. The products you will see are sleek and minimalistic. They evoke a sense of quality and durability. Tapping into those impressions can help you foster a reputation which will only serve to drive sales upward.

Packaging is the point of first contact with a potential customer. Research has shown that as many as two-thirds of purchase choices are made when customers are already in the store.

Because of this, it’s important to utilize packaging as a marketing tool. Packaging must be informative. It should answer common questions – who made this product, and what is it for? Where is it made and why should I use it?

Packaging imparts intangible feelings that you can use to your benefit. When looking at certain packages, people get a certain feeling – it can “value,” “luxury” or “quality.” Expectations are tied to packaging – use that to your advantage.

The truest test of packaging as a marketing tool comes after the purchase. If you can manage to get people to save the packaging of your product, it will continue to serve as a rent-free advertisement on their shelves or desks. And what drew them to your product will invariably draw others too.

Concluding thoughts

Packaging is an often undervalued way to improve your business. It has the potential to help you reach your goals in many ways.

In the end, consider the trend of viral unboxing videos. People are obviously paying great attention to packaging – and you should, too.