Social media is essential for business professionals, and while every platform has its own unique content options, we’re seeing a lot of business professionals posting reviews on social media. Of course, if every post is a review, this will turn a lot of people away.

But when done right, posting reviews on social media can be very beneficial for a business:

Reviews Build a Lot of Trust Among Potential Consumers and Clients

If you think that reviews are not powerful, you’re completely wrong. The statistics are not in your favor as 90% of consumers will read reviews about a business online before going to the business.

Just think of all the times you look up reviews of a local business or restaurant.

If the eatery you wanted to visit had a one-star rating, or even a two- or three-star rating, chances are that you would choose to bring your business elsewhere. Reviews help build trust among potential customers and clients because no one wants to waste their money on a product or service that is subpar.

When a business has received a lot of rave reviews, you’ll find that consumers trust them more and will give them their business.

And sure, there will be times when the customer isn’t happy and the reviews were wrong for this customer, but reviews will still help get consumers through their doors. If for no other reason, businesses should be posting reviews on social media to build trust.

Fill in Posts When Nothing Else is Going On

Sometimes, business professionals have nothing to say or contribute. Allowing a social media profile to go dormant is asking to lose a lot of followers. We’re seeing a lot of professionals starting to post reviews on their social media accounts.

And while you want to keep these posts sparse, they’re definitely going to help build trust among potential clients.

The Facebook page for Keller Law Offices has a lot of great posts, many linking back to their blog posts, but we’re also seeing a 5-star review from Jeff, Pam and Alex.

While I would have liked to see text along with the rating to further build trust and credibility, the posts show that there are others that are very satisfied with the services the firm has to offer.

Show Local Traction for the Business

Reviews, when the location of the consumer is known, can be proof that there is local traction for a business. Let’s assume that Jeff from the example above is from St. Louis. In this case, a person from St. Louis may see the post on social media and feel that the business is more credible.

If you have a picture of the person reviewing the business, this makes the review even stronger.

Imagine going to work with a lawyer, and then you see that your neighbor, whom you know and trust, left a review of the company. This is almost as good as a referral, and it will help drive sales for businesses on all social media platforms.