Betting on the major pro leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL is very popular but betting on other non-marquee sports, like tennis and golf, can offer great opportunities. Sportsbooks dedicate most of their time to the major leagues because this is where they make most of their money. 

As they do not spend as much time focusing on the less popular sports, they may find it harder to stay up to date with the latest news and spend the time needed to create accurate lines. This makes it is possible to find gambling edges.  


The NASCAR season begins in February and ends in November, which means fans have 10 months of the year to enjoy betting. A downside is that there are only 38 races a year. Bettors need to pay attention to various qualifying and practice runs before an actual race. This pre-race activity can change the outlook before race day. 

A major advantage of betting on a sport like NASCAR is that you may be able to find lines where it is clear the bookmakers are not as up to date as they should be. 

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 ATP Tennis

The tennis season starts at the beginning of January and runs right through to the end of November. Hardcore tennis fans are lucky because of the multiple tournaments around the world in every month of the year. 

Wimbledon takes place in the summer months and is the climax of the season. Fans who want to bet all-year-round on many games may find betting on tennis a good option.

The superheroes of tennis, like Federer, will have sharp lines and it is hard to get an edge. Lines will be looser on the satellite courts and putting in time can help you place smart bets. 

Recording lines throughout the season and taking a game by game measure of how money lines, point spreads, and point totals are set may help you notice things like exaggerated lines or redundancies that you can exploit. 

PGA Golf

The PGA tour also runs almost 12 months of the year, with the last tour of the season going into early December and the first one kicking off early on the following year. You can bet on a tournament winner, scores of individual golfers or choose between two golfers competing against each other for a “better than” wager. 

Golf betting is starting to offer more options, including live betting, and this opens the door to some great opportunities for those prepared to do their homework and study how players do in specific conditions. Follow a particular golfer closely via a website, Facebook etc. and you may notice something significant before the house does and get an edge. 

Global soccer leagues

Soccer fans have so many different options and leagues they can bet on. The European Champions League and the Barclays Premier League in England are two of the most popular sports leagues in the world but there are many other popular ones too, like the Bundesliga in Germany and the MLS in the United States. 

When odds and lines move in the pro leagues, it is often because the majority of the public bet big on a favorite. With smaller leagues, the shifting of the line usually comes from smart bettors finding an edge overlooked by the sportsbook and this is a good opportunity to make a smart bet.