Watching and commenting on sports is an integral part of American culture. It brings people together wherever they live in the U.S. Many Americans today are making that jump from being sports fans into becoming sports bettors. 

There are still Americans who have a mistrust of betting but this attitude is changing as the industry in the U.S. goes from being unregulated to being regulated. 

Millions of people enjoy betting on sports and some bet infrequently while others bet on a regular basis. Some people do it purely for fun and entertainment, whereas others take it more seriously and put effort into trying to make money. What is it that motivates most Americans to bet on their favorite sports?

Making money

It is no surprise that one of the main reasons for betting on sports is to make money. More people bet on sports for financial gain than for other reasons. As states move forward with legalization, sports betting in the U.S. is becoming an industry that draws in billions of dollars. 

At present, over a quarter of American citizens live in legal sports betting states and this number will increase when other states legalize the industry. By taking the right approach to sports betting, it is possible to win money on a consistent basis. The right approach involves putting in some research, effort and time. 

It does not take a huge amount of money to get started. At Centsports, you will get $0.10 in free Sport Bucks to start with and you can play with them as you wish. You can make sports picks, play games, enter contests and more. When you have accumulated enough Sport Bucks, you can convert them into real cash if you meet the minimum requirements. 


Many sports bettors have played games at a competitive level. Preparing for a game and for betting can be a similar ritual that involves preparation, skill and a desire to win. Competition with family and friends can be a significant motivator. Bettors often have friends who bet and desire to get in on the action and show their friends what they can do. 

According to surveys, professional football is very popular and many bettors bet on NFL games, and even more on college football. When betting on these sports events, those with a good knowledge of the sport will usually make more accurate predictions than others. Not all predictions have to be accurate but as long as bettors are accurate enough times, they can make a profit. 

These bettors appreciate the money can make from successful wagers but more than that, they love the sense of satisfaction they get from accurate predictions. There is nothing more satisfying than being proven right. 

Entertainment and fun

Many bettors are recreational bettors who fully accept that they may lose money but it does not bother them at all. They are in it for the fun and excitement and any losses are simply the cost of some great entertainment. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful at sports betting but, especially for beginners, it is important to be realistic. When people first start betting, it is best to focus on the fun as they make quite a few losses before they learn all the ins and outs. 

Betting on sports makes watching their favorite teams very exciting for many Americans and that is enough reward in itself. It is easy to get started and most of what they need to know is fairly straightforward. As long as they learn a few basics about betting, they can start placing bets straight away.