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Top 17 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Business

This guide provides the top 17 social media monitoring vendors that your business should consider to increase productivity and profitability.

We are living in a digital era where millions of people in the world own smartphones, laptops, and other devices that help them to access the internet. The internet continues to open new opportunities for small, mid-sized, and big businesses. For instance, internet users create new social media accounts every day. You cannot underestimate the power and impact of social media in the business world today. Previously, people used social media platforms to chat, create friendships, share files, and perform other social activities. Today, social media is the best marketing and promotional tool. As a businessperson, social media platforms will help you reach your customers and prospects across the world, learn more about their needs, convey your commercial message, and get feedback instantly.

Therefore, social media marketing is more effective than traditional marketing techniques. With the aid of the available social media monitoring tools, business people in the world can now track business trends, communicate with their customers and prospects, analyze the performance of their services or products, manage reputation, perform market research and perform other essential promotional activities. Social media monitoring technology enables you to read the minds of your customers. If you use the best social media monitoring tools, you can successfully transform your business from the state of stagnation to success. The tools enable business people to track, listen, and gather essential information concerning their businesses and customers across multiple social media platforms.

Gathering data and listening to conversions on various social media platforms can enable you to make informed decisions that will bring progress and success to your business. Successful companies in the world make huge profits every year because they use the best social media monitoring tools to understand their markets, monitor reach, listen to their customers’ needs, and track engagements. This process enables them to increase brand awareness and capture profitable trends. With more than 250 platforms claiming to help companies assess mentions and track their engagements and brand performance on various social media platforms, it can be challenging to choose the right one. If you want more results and profits, you need to choose an excellent vendor to offer maximum support to your business. This guide provides the top 17 social media monitoring vendors that your business should consider to increase productivity and profitability.

1. Synthesio

Based in New York City, Synthesio is one of the leading social media monitoring vendors in the world that operates in different languages. With its excellent performance, many international companies trust the system because it provides accurate information about how fans and customers across the world say about them on social media platforms and other online sites. Synthesio is best suited for both local and international businesses in the world because it uses information available on different social media platforms to provide insights, which enrich the clients’ databases.

Additionally, Synthesio measures the impact of your activities on social media platforms using social KPIs, which enables you to trigger collective functions in your company to improve brand awareness. To improve the performance, morale, and efficiency of your staff members, you can integrate this software with your company’s productivity systems.

It focuses on individuals and crucial conversations that matter to your brand when calculating your social reputation score. The starting price of Synthesio is $1,200 per month. The cost varies depending on the customer’s number of dashboards. Some of the clients who trust and use Synthesio include the following: Allianz, Adidas, American Express, Gillette, Ford, Lexus, HTC, BlackBerry, and many others. The company was founded by Thibault Hanin and Loic Moisand in 2006.

2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an affordable and easy-to-use social media monitoring tool. The software pulls out social intelligence and allows you to listen to your customers and prospects on social media platforms and engage them in a customized manner. Using the software, you can measure the results of your social media marketing campaigns.

AgoraPulse provides a variety of tools that enable you to manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard. Additionally, the content automation, analytics, and Facebook applications provided by AgoraPulse enable you to measure and track the engagements and messages of your customers and prospects. Also, it allows you to identify bad influencers. This social media monitoring vendor provides four payment plans to meet the requirements of different subscribers. They include the following:

  • Enterprise – $299/month
  • Small – $49/month
  • Medium – $99/month
  • Large – $199/month

Some of the clients that use AgoraPulse include the following: RTE Travel Marketing, Soci-Link, Netino, AgoraPulse, LLC, and Portent. Emeric Ernoult and Benoit Hédiard are the founders of AgoraPulse.

3. Sysomos

It is one of the best social intelligence companies that work with some of the most valuable brands in the world. Sysomos can improve your business because it provides unlimited and immediate access to millions of online conversations of your customers and prospects who use social media and other online sites. Therefore, this offers real-time insights that enable you to understand the requirements of your customers.

The software also offers image monitoring solutions on Instagram. It is one of the most recommended systems that combine all the needs of an online business to promote products and brand awareness. It can engage, listen, and discover your customers and prospects.

Markwire is the owner of Sysomos. Aljazeera, Honda, Sony Ericsson, HSBC, Interbrand, Nokia, IBM, Hilton, Microsoft, and Toyota are some of the leading brands across the world that use this social media monitoring and intelligence company. The vendor charges an entry-level price of $500 per month.

4. Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon is among the top performing social media monitoring tools. The vendor offers insights for brands and non-profit companies in the world. Based in Massachusetts, Crimson Hexagon helps business people in the world to use Facebook and other social media platforms to look into helpful data like product attributes, the performance of their marketing campaigns, purchase intent, and consumer trends.

Additionally, you can use Crimson Hexagon to create optimized content and share it to your social media accounts to engage your audiences better. This software does not impose any restrictions. Therefore, international performers and enterprises use it to analyze, schedule and track as many posts as possible. Microsoft, Hanes, CNN, Rubbermaid, HP, Thomson Reuters, and AdWeek are some of the leading brands that use Crimson Hexagon to monitor and analyze their performance on social media platforms. The introductory packages start at $2,000 per month. The other costs vary depending on the number of searches.

5. Meltwater Buzz

More than 20,000 companies in over 100 countries use Meltwater media intelligence platform. The vendor has been a global leader in social media and online intelligence for years. Meltwater Buz enables companies in the world to track and analyze social media sites. Also, it provides relevant news about your competitors. This will assist you to gauge the competition and use modern strategies to remain relevant in the market. It stores the data of its clients in one dashboard, which is easy to use.

With $13,000, you can get a subscription of one year. Unlike traditional systems, this monitoring tool measures brand reception levels and allows users to build their own dashboards. Owned by Meltwater Group, Meltwater Buz serves the following clients: University of Arizona, Bausch & Lomb, Vita-Mix, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Porsche Automotive North America, HZDG, and other government and private organizations.

6. Spredfast

If you want to maximize your social engagements with your customers and prospects, Spredfast is the best social software that you should consider. This social media monitoring vendor works closely with the major social media platforms in the world, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to provide business value and social insights. You can use it to measure your online campaigns. Additionally, it is a perfect social media management and marketing tool.

Spredfast helps businesspersons to manage social marketing risks that are likely to tarnish the reputation of their businesses. Social data insights and real-time analytics provided by Spredfast allow companies in the world to deliver impactful social media advertising.

Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast is a privately owned company that serves clients in almost every field. Some of the clients include the following: BBC, Amazon, Hyundai, Sierra Club, Nokia, British Airways, AOL, IBM, and SHOUTLET, INC. Its pricing begins at $250 per month.

7. Mediatoolkit

This is a well-known analytics solution that will track your organization’s performance on social media platforms. Mediatoolkit monitors online media such as blogs, social media platforms, and websites for any relevant mention from your customers and prospects. If you want to gauge your competitors, this social media monitoring tool is what you require. It will monitor the online mentions of your competitors, which will help you to know where your company stands against your rivals.

The raw feedback acquired by Mediatoolkit enables businesspersons to make significant decisions to improve their operations so that they can win more customers. The software gives you an opportunity to use unlimited keywords to capture mentions. Additionally, it automatically generates online branding reports.

From as low as $58 per month, you can get the services of this social media monitoring software. It is a privately owned organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. Red Bull, Aljazeera, Vichy Laboratories, and Ultra Europe are some of the clients that use Mediatoolkit.

8. Oktopost

Marketers and business owners use this social media monitoring tool to measure conversions, clicks, and engagements. It promotes all types of content on major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is known for successful curation of content. The insights and analytics provided by Oktopost enable you to determine the most effective posts, networks, blogs, and profiles. The platform discovers content and helps in distributing it effectively.

The employee advocacy feature provided by Oktopost enables your staff members to control your online conversions. You can easily integrate Oktopost with all social networks.

The number of the client’s social profiles and searches determine the pricing of Oktopost. The customer can also purchase Automation integration and Twitter insights as additional features. The following are some of the companies that are using Oktopost: Ipro Tech, ATOS, Afidence, Inc., Daily Inches, Inc., and ExploreLearning, Inc. Daniel Kushner is the CEO and co-founder of Oktopost.

9. Simplify360

This social business intelligence software allows businesses in the world to carry out social media marketing, monitoring, analysis, and online engagement. As a businessperson, you can use this software to analyze and monitor social media conversations and mentions in real time. When publishing analysis and research reports, this software focuses mainly on the major social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. After subscribing to this software, you can easily carry out your social media engagements with your social media fans and see every activity on the dashboard. Also, the software enables you to get free marketing guides.

The company sells its services in more than 90 countries in the world. Its partners operate in India, United States, Netherlands, Korea and many other countries. Some of its clients and partners include the following: Exide Life Insurance, Tata Sky, and Red Chillies Entertainment. Co-founded by Rohit Gupta, Bhupendra Khanal, Binit Thapa and several others, Simplify360 has a monthly subscription model. You can contact the company on its website to get a price quotation based on the requirements of your business.

10. Zoho Social

When it comes to maximizing your online presence’s impact, Zoho Social is an excellent tool consider. Whether you own or run a small or big business, this software is the best choice to help you meet your social media monitoring needs and publish your content. The software enables businesspersons to trigger real-time communication with their customers on social media platforms. Using this software, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts at a time. Moreover, you can use Zoho Social to reach the right audiences when marketing your company’s goods and services. After marketing your products online, the system will measure your performance to make sure that you are using the best advertising methods.

Zoho Social has a prediction engine that determines the right time when your customers or prospects are likely to read your posts on Facebook or other social media platforms. Android and iOS users can post and access content using the software because it is mobile optimized. The pricing of the software ranges from $8.33 to $125, depending on the packages that your company needs. Some of the clients that use Zoho Social include Affiliated Technology Solutions and Tabletop Records.

11. Brandwatch

Brandwatch gives you a wide online coverage because it connects perfectly with blogs, news platforms, forums, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This social media management tool collects and analyzes customers’ data on these online sites. It will find mentions of your company, goods or services on news sites and other online forums. Therefore, you can use keywords to search what customers are saying about your company and act accordingly to build trust and reputation.

Brandwatch, an independently owned company, provides helpful insights and access to more than 90 million online sources. The data generated from these sources enables you to adjust your operations to meet the demands of your customers. Based in the UK, Brandwatch’s pricing starts at $500 per month. Some of the clients that use this software include CheapFlights, Aviva, The Body Shop, and Activision. It was founded in 2005 by Giles Palmer.

12. Attentio

Founded in 2004, this vendor provides real-time monitoring of online news and social media sites. The Attentio Brand Dashboard tracks and analyzes conversations across all online platforms, including social media, YouTube, blogs, news sites, and forums. Attentio leads in social media analytics across the world because of its extensive expertise in a variety of fields, including medicine, finance, automotive, and telecommunication industries. Its automated insights enable business people to understand the market better and act according to satisfy the needs of their customers and prospects.

Based in Belgium, Attentio provides its services in more than 21 languages. This helps businesspersons to get information about their customers from all corners of the world. Toyota, Intel, Disney, Nokia, Skype, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson are some of the leading companies in the world that use Attentio. Founded by Simon McDermott and Per Siljubergsåsen, Attentio’s pricing starts at $755 per month.

13. Mention

Mention allows business people to study their competitors and track brand mentions on social media and other online platforms. Headquartered in France, Mention provides social media monitoring tools that enable you to know and analyze what your customers, influencers, and competitors are saying about your brand. The software gives real-time alerts and automated reports that allow you to find your influencers and understand the market. You can access Mention software from a web-based app or mobile application. Therefore, even after leaving your office, you will be able to perform real-time media monitoring for your keywords, products, brand, competitors, and key phrases across the web and all social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The online media monitoring company was founded in 2012. For a solo plan, the pricing starts at $29 per month. The starter plan costs $99 per month. However, if you want a company plan, you should contact the Mention for price negotiations. Github, Crunchbase, and Microsoft are some of the clients that use Mention.

14. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the leading tools that provides analytics, monitoring, engagement and social media management solutions to popular brands and agencies in the world. This software company helps you collaborate and communicate with customers and prospects on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It provides its services in a variety of languages. Therefore, business people from different regions can curate their content using this software to allow their employees and customers to read it and share widely across all social media networks. Sprout Social also provides social media marketing services to its clients.

It is a privately owned company that streamlines conversations between businesses and their customers on social media networks. The pricing of Sprout Social services is as follows: Premium – $99 per month, Corporate – $149 per month, and Enterprise $249 per month. Founded in 2010, Sprout Social serves the following clients: GrubHub, Uber, Hyatt, Zendesk, Microsoft, and many other leading brands and agencies in the world.

15. AdRoll

AdRoll gives businesses opportunities to become well-known brands by the right audiences. As a marketer, you can use this social media monitoring tool to re-engage and re-target your leads. This system monitors your online performance and uses social connections to re-target high-intent visitors. This process makes your online campaigns effective and easy. More than 30,000 brands in the world entrust their marketing performance to this social media monitoring tool. AdRoll is usable to teams and available in a variety of languages. Regardless of your device, AdRoll keeps you connected with all your customers and fans.

AdRoll enables companies to grow revenue and increase their customers because it automates their online marketing. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. It has a growth platform that will open more opportunities for your business. Some of the clients that use AdRoll include Springbot, USA Today, Eventbrite, UBM, Zendesk, SingleHop, Plated, iProspect, and Pantheon. For a new business, the minimum price is $300. For an expanding business, the minimum amount that you should pay is $10,000.

16. Socialbakers

Socialbakers provides actionable insights and recommendations that enable you to grow your business. It is an essential social media monitoring tool that provides stats and analytics from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. It has reporting capabilities that enable businesspersons to act on the insights. Additionally, Socialbakers can measure your performance against your competitors and guide you in the areas you need to improve to beat them.

Socialbakers discovers your audience and the type of content they like to read, which enables you to create informative content and deliver it to the right audiences at the right time. It is a privately owned company founded in 2008. You can use it to manage your social media accounts and for content intelligence. Pricing starts at $20 for a professional plan. However, if you want a business or an enterprise plan, you should contact the company through its official website for a price quotation. Some of the companies that use Socialbakers include Ubisoft, Avon Products, AVATAR South Africa, and VML, Inc.

17. Webtrends

Webtrends is a social media monitoring company that provides actionable insights, digital marketing, digital analytics, optimization, measurement and other software solutions. The company will help you target the right audience when marketing your brand, which will boost your revenue and increase your customer base. Headquartered in Portland, USA, Webtrends collects customer data on social media platforms and uses it to help its clients identify modern and practical marketing solutions to increase revenue.

This software captures, organizes, and analyzes social data and gives the user reports that are viewable through a web-based graphical user interface. Founded in 1993, Webtrends provides software, social media management, marketing and other solutions to more than 2,000 brands in the world. Some of the companies that use the services of Webtrends include the following: AON, Barclays, BMW, Audi, Dell, G4S, Ford, Intel, Electronic Arts, Nestle, Motorola, Microsoft, Renault, and Espon. The pricing of this company’s services varies depending on the requirements of your business. They provide numerous packages to suit the needs and budget of every business. For a self-service package, the pricing starts at £199 per month. If you want a hybrid or managed service, you should contact Webtrends for price quotations.

In conclusion, you need to understand that influencers and competitors dominate this new era. Therefore, when selecting a social media monitoring vendor for your business, you need to analyze your needs and list them. This will enable you to choose a perfect tool that will bring a significant impact on your company and boost your annual revenue. Additionally, you should select a reputable social media monitoring tool that will follow your leads, give you actionable insights, and increase your customer base.

Other Paid Social Media Monitoring Solutions

Due to the high demand for social media monitoring services in the business world, the list of companies that offer these solutions is endless. You should choose your favorite vendor based on your costs and needs. The list below contains top 5 paid social media monitoring solutions that you should consider.

Brand24 – This tool provides the total potential reach of all your posts on social media platforms. It monitors mentions and enables businesses to know which engagements to prioritize. The pricing of this software starts at $49 per month.

Cision – Headquartered in Chicago, this tool searches more than 90 million sources to get mentions and conversations about a brand. It performs intelligence and social media management services to give the best results to its clients.

Social Report – This social media management platform helps marketers and businesspersons to understand the behaviors of the people who visit their websites and social media platforms. It gives information about the time each visitor spent on the site, number of visitors, location, and keyword searches. Its price starts at $9 per month.

Trackur – This is an affordable, fast, easy-to-use social media monitoring tool. Using Trackur, you can perform keyword searches to acquire analytics and statistical information about your customers on social media sites. Trackur’s pricing starts at $97 and goes up to $447 per month.

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