It seems that there are technological advancements every few months throughout the World. Trying to keep up can be a difficult process. To help you stay up to date on the newest social media trends, there will be many insightful conferences in 2018. These social media conferences will give you the opportunity to network with different social media professionals. Here is a look at the top social media conferences in 2018.

Social Media Marketing World 

The conference is being labeled as the largest social media marketing conference in the World. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with some of the social media industry’s top professionals and marketers. In the past, marketers from large businesses such as CBS, Best Buy, Microsoft, Sprint, and Southwest Airlines have attended the conference. At the Social Media Marketing World Conference, you’ll learn about some advanced marketing ideas to help grow your business. You’ll have the chance to network with different partners and influencers. Some of the guest speakers scheduled to give presentations at the conference include filmmaker Zach King, Snapchat influencer Shaun McBride, Facebook expert Mari Smith, and content marketing specialist Robert Rose. The conference will be held in San Diego, California on February 28 – March 2.

The Social Shake-Up 

The Social Shake-Up is a media conference designed to help public relations, digital and social marketing professionals find innovative things to add to their business strategy. The Social Shake-Up is sponsored by PR News & Social Media Today. Some of the scheduled speakers include Brian Fanzo, Carolyn Shelby, Jon Searles, and Nathan Pirtle. The emphasis of the conference will be on creating forward thinking ideas. The conference will feature several discussion panels, so you’ll have an opportunity to learn lots of new ideas. The Social Shake-Up conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on May 7-9.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 

The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit will be held in New York on Febraury 27-28. Marketing leaders from companies such as Nike and Google will lead discussions about different strategic solutions. The conference will help you learn how to use different strategies to improve the way that you interact with your customers. At The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, you’ll also learn how to earn more money through your social media accounts, as well as the benefits of peer to peer marketing.

Social Fresh 

The Social Fresh conference will help you learn more information about the future of social media. Some of the guest speakers scheduled to attend include Fifth Third Bank Vice President of Social Media relations Shannon Paul, IBM Social Media strategist Ryan Boyles, and Tatiana Holifield-Arthur, the Senior Director of Social Media at BET. Some of the topics that will be discussed include influencer marketing, chatbots, audience growth, and social advertising. The conference will be held in Winter Park, Florida on December 5-7.

ANA Digital & Social Media Conference 

The ANA conference will focus on topics such as augmented reality and AI. Scheduled speakers include Reese’s Brand Director Ryan Riess, Under Armour Global Consumer Engagement and Digital Marketing Director Jim Mollica, T-Mobile Creative Experience and Social Media Vice President Michael Miller, and MasterCard Head of Global Media Ben Jankowski. The conference will take place in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on July 25-27.

Content Marketing World 

At the Content Marketing World Conference, there will be over 100 different workshops led by top brand marketers from around the World. The workshops will feature discussion on topics such as storytelling, dealing with the demand generation and ROI. The conference will help give you the necessary tools to create a content marketing plan that helps your business reach new levels. Some of the scheduled speakers include Monumental Shift CEO Andrew Davis, Visum Cx CEO Carlos Hidalgo, Pace CMO Gordon Price Locke, and IBM Principal offering Manager David Strachan. The conference will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on September 4-7.

Pubcon Florida 

The conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 10-12. The conference will help you learn about different SEO, social media, and PPC strategies. There will be multiple Masters Training Workshops, track sessions and other events.

Social Media Camp 

The Social Media Camp attracts professionals from all over the World. The cultural impact of Social Media is emphasized. Some of the scheduled speakers include Med Touch Director of Content Marketing Christoph Trappe, Leapzone strategist and Business Performance Catalyst Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte, and Right Metric Co-Founder Charlie Grinnell. The camp will be held in Victoria, British Columbia on May 2-3.

Social Media Strategies Summit 

At the Social Media Strategies Summit, you’ll learn more about the different trends in social media through participating in different workshops and case studios. Scheduled speakers include Walmart Social Strategist Micah Laney, Microsoft Social Marketing Manager Lance Trueb, and McDonald’s Global Social Engagement Campaign Manager Elly Deutch Moody. The conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois on April 25-26.


EVENTtech hopes to show professionals how to use social media to enhance their experiences. The conference will feature over 100 different workshops in a unique format. The conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12-14.