Cannabis use has so many benefits in the health area. Whether you want to look younger, live healthier or just feel better, cannabis can probably help you. Although not entirely a miracle plant, its benefits are so widespread that it has become a ’go-to’ plant for many purposes. 

Because it grows so quickly and is such a cost-effective crop, the beauty industry is particularly impressed with its many uses. But the benefits of cannabis extend beyond this point.


Cannabis contains many antioxidant properties, so is the ideal to use as a topical skincare product or to consume it. Marijuana is probably the only thing you can smoke that is going to benefit your skin. Cigarette smoking is exactly the opposite because of all the destructive chemicals it contains, which causes premature skin aging.

Luckily, smoking weed makes your skin look better. Choose from a selection of products in the bong collection offered by to get yourself started on a new skincare regime today. Always make sure you drink lots of water when vaping or using cannabis in any form because your body needs this liquid to flush out the toxins extracted by the pot.

Removes cigarette damage

Studies do show that smoking weed helps to enhance your lung function and capacity. This is really good news for cigarette smokers who lose lung function and capacity slowly over time. Now, a little pot on a regular basis is enough to heal some of the damage caused by smoking cigarettes.

Although some research suggests that this outcome is due to greater inhalation when smoking weed, the same compounds that make you feel good, are those that relieve pain. Because weed acts like a vacuum cleaner and sucks toxins out of the body, this is probably how it counteracts the negative impact of cigarette smoking.


Relaxation is practically a luxury in the busy contemporary world that we live in. Stress is also noted as a leading cause of many chronic and acute diseases. It makes sense then that taking every opportunity to relax will benefit your overall health and wellbeing. The more you’re able to stay relaxed, the stronger your immune system becomes.

When you’re relaxed, the less likely your body is to produce inflammation. Inflammation is another unpleasant side-effect of unwanted disease, which keeps the immune system functioning in constant overdrive. 

Smoking cannabis reduces stress, limits inflammation, and improves overall health and wellbeing. An absence of negative stress is the best method for living a quality lifestyle.

Pain relief

Vaping weed is often used by people with chronic health conditions to relieve their pain. Because cannabis is so good at relieving inflammation, it makes sense that it can help make pain levels bearable. 

Inflammation also causes pain, so smoking weed is helpful in reducing the painful outcomes of this condition and can even provide complete relief in some cases.

Following this thread, nausea and headaches caused by pain are also relieved from smoking or vaping marijuana. Although everyone experiences different levels of pain relief, the release of tension alone is said to be beneficial. Overall, this is an incredibly versatile plant for relaxation and health benefits.

Muscle spasm control

Cannabis can help to control a variety of muscle spasms throughout your body. Stomach muscles can cause intense pain when in spasm, which can also affect your ability to breathe and speak. The common name for this condition is Leeuwenhoek’s disease.

The good news is that cannabis helps relieve the tension in the stomach muscles, lessening the spasms experienced. Ultimately, life is far more bearable when you don’t suffer from this side-effect. Likewise, sports injuries can be treated with smoking pot to speed up recovery from damaged muscle tissue.