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The Secret Behind Nike’s Great Social Media Content

Nike’s social content is some of the most eye-catching and inspiring in the world. Whether the company is sharing meaningful videos on Facebook, or encouraging audience interaction on Instagram, Nike knows how to connect with its audience.

Nike is one of the biggest athletic companies in the world, with a value of around $34.8 billion as of 2020. It’s not just great shoes and apparel that make this company incredibly successful, but a commitment to amazing social media and marketing campaigns too.

Nike’s social content is some of the most eye-catching and inspiring in the world. Whether the company is sharing meaningful videos on Facebook, or encouraging audience interaction on Instagram, Nike knows how to connect with its audience.

Here, we’re going to explore some of the secrets behind Nike’s success.

1.    Innovation: the Nike+ Platform

Innovation has always been an important part of Nike’s brand identity. It’s probably no surprise then, that the company is also excellent at getting creative with social media too. In 2010, Nike launched its own “Nike+” social app to encourage communication between athletes. In 2018, the Nike Jordan sub-brand joined forces with an AI platform to create a Facebook Messenger bot.

The new bot delivered content from the Air Jordan blog as well as the wider website to users to better answer questions. The solution also made it easier for customers to engage in conversations with the brand. Nike made sure that it could deliver the kind of amazing digital experiences that customers were looking for, even before other brands were investing in bots.

2.    Engagement: NikeFuel

We mentioned Nike’s own social platform above. The Nike+ platform has millions of members, all interacting over shared athletic goals. Since 2010, Nike has developed a wide selection of training products using the Fuel band to link customers with Nike+. Users can use the service to set goals for themselves, compete against friends, and earn points.

The Nike “Fuel Your Team” campaign ran across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, helping to inspire customers of all backgrounds to get involved with athletic missions. Nike still has its own dedicated #NikeFuel hashtag on Instagram today, where people regularly post content and interact with the company.

3.    Storytelling: Margot vs Lily

Nike’s storytelling capabilities are legendary.

Over the years, the company has inspired millions of people to “Just do it”, with tales from people just like them, as well as influencers and celebrities. The great thing about Nike’s stories, is that they’re often designed for the social media, shareable world.

For instance, the Margot vs Lily miniseries provided Nike with a great way to regularly connect with customers through updates to a tale shared over YouTube and IGTV. The videos were an excellent example of Nike’s ability to not only create immersive stories but connect with customers on an emotional level.

Today, Nike continues to show its human side and connect with customers through emotional interactions. For instance, the company’s Instagram page is packed full of clips, Reels, and videos meant to inspire customers. This @Sabrina_i post shows Sabrina making the most of her Nike outfit to achieve her goals:

4.    Simplicity: Be True

Emotional connections are just one thing that Nike is great at. The athletics brand is also fantastic at coming up with simple, memorable ideas to inspire their campaigns. Just like at “Just Do It”, for instance. There’s an authenticity to the simplicity in Nike’s campaigns.

By making simple statements, Nike can show that it’s not interested in using fancy words or explanations to show you why you should buy its products. Keeping things simple means that you can let your products, and their advocates speak for themselves.

This #BeTrue collection of videos from Nike plays homage to the people around the world who are still struggling to find a place for themselves. The simple concept of #BeTrue makes the idea of discovering yourself seem more approachable for Nike customers.

The simplicity and power of the #BeTrue campaign also shows how important it is for Nike to show what it stands for in its campaigns.

5.    Impact: Black Lives Matter

Speaking of Nike’s willingness to stand up for what it believes in, this is another factor that makes the company so amazing to follow on social media. Nike is committed to showing its human side online, reminding customers that they’re part of a “community” on regular occasions.

Nike champions every cause it believes in and earns the loyalty and commitment of customers as a result. For instance, Nike partnered with the NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick on a campaign in 2018. Kaepernick famously made the decision to kneel in protest when the national anthem played, causing a great deal of backlash.

Nike’s decision to work with Colin also caused backlash for the brand, but Nike stood strong. The company remains committed to the Black Lives Matters campaign, and constantly posts words of support for those who need it.

Nike’s decision to take a stand on social media means that it doesn’t always appeal to every customer. However, the clients who do share Nike’s beliefs and values are more loyal to the company because of its authenticity and commitment.

6.    Influence: You Can’t Stop Sisters

There are few brands in the social media world who can do influencer marketing quite like Nike. Known for partnering with some of the biggest athletes in history, Nike knows how to connect with celebrities big and small to enhance its image. Over the years, the company has worked with everyone from Serena Williams to Tiger Woods and LeBron James.

Campaigns like #YouCantStopUs and the You Can’t Stop Sisters video are an excellent insight into how Nike uses its connections with celebrities to strengthen its personality and showcase its story.

Notably, however, Nike doesn’t forget about the micro-influencers either. The company is more than willing to work with a wide range of smaller celebrities on their campaigns. You can see this every time the company reposts user-generated content, for instance.

The reality is that Nike doesn’t just have one secret to success. The company’s social media impact is built on a series of pillars, including the six mentioned here. Now it’s your turn to start building your own pillars.


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