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The Impact of Dropping Rate of Employee Engagement in the Companies

Employee engagement is a term used to describe how much employees like working for an organization.

Employee engagement is a term used to describe how much employees like working for an organization. A reasonable employee engagement score means the employees work with dedication and are enthusiastic about their future in the company. Decreased employee engagement means high attrition, dissatisfied customers, and sluggish work.

Slow work 

The first impact of decreased employee engagement rate is slow work and piling unfinished work. When employees lose interest in work, their enthusiasm declines, and they try to do the bare minimum work instead of giving their best. They stop working with passion which leads to slow and poor-quality work. THis is often the first indicator of a need for employee morale boost. 

Clearview Social software helps increase employee morale and advocacy in any company through its innovative software and training. Improved employee advocacy makes them bond more with the company and markets the brand to customers through their professional attitude. Exceptional work becomes a habit for employees who love their work and want to prove themselves to achieve great heights. 

Sluggish customer service 

Lack of employee engagement will result in sluggish customer service because the employees are not keen on helping the customers. They show aloofness and indifference towards frustrated customers, which are complex issues. They fail to go that extra mile to solve the customer issue and try to fulfill the procedure to defend themselves, stating they do nothing more. 

Sluggish customer service will create several dissatisfied customers who will consider changing the service when their needs get ignored. If the employee engagement keeps dwindling among all the employees, customers take the heat first, suffering unnecessarily. It is wise to solve the employee issues quickly and treat them as first customers to keep the actual customers of the brand well-served. 

High attrition 

Low employee engagement will result in high attrition as the employee who is not interested in working in an organization will search for a new job. High attrition is a significant problem in several service-based industries constantly looking for new talent. High attrition can drastically affect the company’s workflow and create stagnancy in multiple processes. 

Companies must improve employee engagement through team outings, work parties, and recognition for good work. They must have a precise scale to measure the employee engagement among all the workers and discuss openly if the employee morale is dropping. The management must take employees’ concerns seriously, implement changes, and register the improvement in employee engagement within the next few months. 

Losing customers to competitors 

Low employee engagement and indifferent management which does not want to solve employee issues will make customers choose other companies. The employees will not serve the customers properly and give importance to solving their problems quickly. They are least bothered about the company losing a customer or revenue. 

The employees do not persuade customers enough and develop an apathetic attitude, resulting in low productivity and mediocre working standards. As a result, the quality of the products and customer satisfaction decreases, pushing the customers to look for better alternatives. Several companies are ready to grab a customer willing to use their service, bombarding them with offers. 

Damage to brand image 

The brand image gets tarnished because of low employee engagement among the customers, suppliers, and the general public. A company suffering from high attrition loses several employees to other companies. When employees quit their job, they spill out particular concerns, which spread as gossip and rumors damaging the company’s industry image. 

Besides, dedicated employee advocacy is not possible when employee engagement is low, resulting in low sales and lousy after-service. Customers posting about unresolved complaints and sub-standard service on social media prevent new customers from approaching the company damaging the brand image.  


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