A vanity phone number can help build your business brand by making it easier for customers and potential customers to remember your business and business phone number. Notable examples are 1-877-GOT-MILK and 1-800-EAT-PIES. Another example includes all number vanity numbers such as 1-888-888-8888 (Serta Mattress) which as you can see is hard to forget. Likewise, you can also easily obtain a vanity phone number to increase your brand recognition, business growth and new customers today.

How can my business obtain a vanity phone number?

Your first step is to check to see if your vanity phone number is available for your business. You can click on this 800 number website for a Toll-Free Vanity Search. To search for a multi-word combination, just add a space between the words. For instance, you can add a space between MY CAT. Additionally, partial words will also return 800 vanity numbers. The resulting numbers will either be available or they will not be able to move to another carrier.

Next, you can contact an Internet vanity phone service provider and within 5 minutes or so you can have your new 800 vanity number up and running for your business or as an independent contractor or corporation or even as a non-profit. Charges are very reasonable and are billed on a monthly or annual basis. The three number prefixes for your vanity phone number can be any one of these:

  • 800 or 888
  • 877 or 866
  • 855 or 844
  • 833

Essential Call Features of your 800 vanity number account

Your online 800 vanity number offers several features unique to your account. Online management of your number includes the Custom Call Feature which allows you to automatically change your ring-to-number according to the time of day. As your business grows you can set up and add additional online features to your account. For instance, you can add additional ring-to numbers to the Phone book feature to keep track of those additional numbers.

Several additional features include call history reports, advertising call analytics, callers address lookup, recorded call listening and many other online features all available at the click of a mouse. You can also manage your account by viewing statements, updating payment information, and viewing payment history, and so on. You can also set up multiple users on a single toll-free number using the Custom Call Forwarding feature.

What important services are also available to complement vanity phone numbers?

By adding SMS or a texting service to your vanity phone numbers, you can reach your customers quickly and also market to potential customers on a new channel. You also make it easier for your clients or customers to reach you for upselling or customer service requests. Similarly, you can view and reply to texts from your inbox or with your online management service. Other services include:

  • Virtual PBX
  • Lead Management
  • Payphone Blocking
  • Call Announcement
  • VOIP Termination and so on

As you can see,online vanity phone numbers offer additional features and services which in turn assist in marketing your business to a global market at cost savings. In fact, the new online features are scalable, customizable, and easy-to-operate for your growing enterprise.