Having a public social media account can be a business of its own and a lucrative one at that. The key to running such a company is marketing and merchandising. If you don’t have proper merchandising, it’s going to be hard to sell anything, but if done correctly, your merch will be flying off the shelves. Many big companies had their start on social media or streaming platforms and capitalized on it by turning their page or name into a brand that can be sold, and more importantly that people want to buy. Even some more niche pages like humoristic ones have joined in on the hype train and have their own unique merch that they provide to fans. Below, you can find an overview of social media merchandising in its current state.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell virtually anything, as long as you adapt it to your demographic and it has enough appeal. What people want when buying a product from you is the feeling that they are supporting something they enjoy, so make sure to properly thank them for their support, and maybe even include something small like a pin or sticker with the merchandise you ship out.

Your followers will most likely enjoy custom products that you’ve adjusted to fit your brand, and that gives people a feeling of community when they see another person sporting the same merch.The product itself can be practically anything, from t-shirts and hoodies to discount mugs and custom backpacks – as long as they are quality products and are marketed properly, your following would be happy to have them.

How To Appeal To Your Audience

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that somebody is interested in buying your product or merch. To achieve that, you must know how to appeal to your followers and what kind of merchandise they’d be interested in.

Know Your Demographic

Knowing your demographic means knowing who your followers are and what would appeal to them the most. The first parameter you should look at is the average age of people following the page – it will tell you a lot about what can be interesting to your following.

After that, think about what kind of merch would your specific demographic buy? Are they techies, geeks, cat-people – it’s highly based on the content you put out and is well-received. Once you have that covered, you should have a pretty good idea of what the people following you would want to own.

Simply Ask via Post

Even better than guessing is simply asking what kind of merchandise would your following be interested in. A simple post that asks if people want to buy any product with your logo can give you insight into the numbers and whether it would be financially sustainable.

You can also expand on that by asking what they would like to buy to get an idea of what kind of product would be best-selling. That is the advantage of a social media business – you can always just ask for feedback and get it practically for free.

How to Actually Sell Something via Social Media Account

Now we get to the know-how part of the merchandising, which is very simple when broken down. It all revolves around branding and marketing.


Your merchandise needs to be seen and recognized by people for them to want to own a piece of their own. Given that you already have a platform where you can market your products to your following, you want to also expand on that.

Use the same social media platform as you have been using, and get a couple of sponsored posts – maybe do a collab with another social media account with a similar demographic or sponsor something on a different platform to get more reach.

The goal here is for you to be present in the buyers’ online life, but not to the point where your page becomes an annoyance. A fine line to walk on, but it pays off.


When running a company based on a social media page or account, your name is your brand. Any posts you make are your social media image that you should maintain to get your brand recognized.The key to branding is consistency – if your following is used to a logo, slogan, or image you use, don’t steer away from it lightly. After all, it’s how the people see you, and people, in general, don’t like sudden changes.

Stick to your brand, and stick your brand on anything you want to sell.

In Conclusion

Social media merchandising is still being explored and improved upon, but following the beaten path has served plenty of up-and-coming influencers and companies in getting to where they are now.Create a brand, market yourself, and your merch is guaranteed to reach the hands of the people that follow and support you.