A few decades ago, most people had never even heard of free radicals before, but today, they are looked upon as a major part of disease progression. Many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer, are the result of free radical damage in the body.

Exposure to toxins such as tobacco smoke, environmental pollutants and even prescription drugs increases free radical reactions in the body. Getting rid of all these toxins ensures that good health is the payout.

Super greens

Green drinks are a good source of many phytonutrients and fiber and they come in a quick, easy-to-use form. They’re described as superfood drinks that contain ingredients such as sprouted grains, barley, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, green tea, and others.

These drinks are excellent for people who are susceptible to disease, and seniors fall into this category. For instance, look at chlorella – the highest quality organic chlorella, pressure cracked to preserve all the nutrients.

The chlorella is packed with the B vitamins, amino acids, chlorohyll, beta carotenes and minerals as well as a generous amount of protein. It cleanses toxins, promotes healthy cell development, it promotes optimal blood oxygen levels and it provides amazing energy.

Fulvic Acid

There are so many health benefits waiting for you when you take fulvic acid that you dare not ignore. With so many toxins inside people, it becomes difficult to even absorb vitamins. Water-extracted, totally organic Fulvic Acid X350, is known for its toxic cleanse properties. This, in turn, helps increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensure homeostatic balance.

Fulvic acid from Optimally Organic eliminated toxins and heavy metal and helps with the transport of micronutrients to all cells. With the elimination of toxins, you benefit from increased energy and less arthritic problems.

It is anti-inflammatory, improves gut flora, improves memory and brain function, protects against free radical damages, and inhibits certain viruses such as influenza, eczema, and shingles.

Magnesium in plant-based nutrients

Elderly people are a high-risk group for nutritional deficiencies. Not getting in enough magnesium can result in altered gastrointestinal function. Lack of magnesium is implicated in the aging process and magnesium-deficient conditions have been associated with neuromuscular and cardiovascular disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although magnesium isn’t a clear immune-enhancing nutrient, it is responsible for more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Deficiencies are common and result in cancer, heart attacks, kidney stones and insomnia.

A magnesium deficiency also causes an increase in pro-inflammatory conditions and an excess production of free radicals, which is seen in chronic fatigue syndrome and rheumatoid conditions.

Vitamin B found in organic health products

As we age, our bodies no longer absorb vitamin B efficiently. In fact, vitamin B6 deficiency is so common that not only the aged but everyone needs to supplement their diet with the nutrient.

Vitamin B12, too, is at risk of being deficient in the elderly, particularly if they are on certain medications.

A lack of this vitamin B can bring on weakness and fatigue, tingling sensations in hand and feet, blurred vision, dizziness and changes in memory and mood. Vitamin B is a top ingredient found in plant-based nutrients.

Bitter Apricot Seed Kernels

When you look for supplements, you want no additives and chemicals added in. You want raw, organic supplements and raw organic bitter apricot seed kernels have the elusive and much sought-after vitamin B17 (Amygdalin, Laetrile) to tackle a host of issues.

Vitamin B17 has anti-cancerous properties and provides a host of other health benefits such as regulating hypertension, being an antioxidant and boosting the immune system. Research because you want these seed kernels to be organically grown under pristine growing conditions with no added preservatives.