Savvy social media is responsible for many veteran companies’ successful transitions into the digital age as well as the startup explosion. As company leaders and teams focused on delivering their best products and services, customer social media demands outgrew what assistants or marketing departments could manage. Social media businesses grew from this need and today a consultancy is one of the most in-demand endeavors you can start.

Why You Are Essential

A social media consultancy business gives you an extraordinarily well-rounded role. Your days will require you to support other businesses to meet goals across realms including:

  • Content production
  • Client messaging
  • Sales, profits and conversions
  • Brand awareness
  • Follower increases
  • Customer service and retention
  • Online community engagement

Define Yourself

Don’t try to do it all. Instead, specialize in target markets and demographics. Then, limit to clients who need to reach those. For instance you will have different clients and strategies for nimble, but digitally-saturated, young audiences than for digitally-averse, but loyal, retired seniors.

Love Business More Than Social Media

Do not confuse loving social media with passion required to run a business doing it for others. You must switch from the pleasurable, even addictive, receiving end of content to the back end.

On that end, it takes hours and sometimes weeks to create one piece of content you might have enjoyed for mere seconds as a consumer. That’s all before you measure its performance. You can have passion for both sides, but entrepreneurship dictates you must love business as much as social media.

Beat Competition

Not everyone distinguishes between social media fun and entrepreneurial drive, so dispassionate freelancers and ineffective marketing businesses abound. This overcrowded crop includes countless people who put on glitzy website shows without skills or tools to give clients results.

You should definitely have an awesome website and keep current social media channels. But if you really want to do serious business, go the extra miles.

  • Show your clients they come first for you. Streamline your own online sites and channels to conservative portrayals. Use more complex content you produce for clients, not yourself, as evidence of what you can do.
  • Conduct business from an office. While an enormous benefit of digital industries is possibility to work nationally and even globally, you need a formal office. Invest in a coworking space for rent to hold meetings, videoconference and collaborate with staff you hire. A formal office also insures entrepreneurial independence works for you, not against you, to stay more productive than you would at home.
  • Participate in the industry and highlight your participation. Attend conferences for content creators, marketers and journalists. Offer to do articles, guest blogs and interviews on reputable sites.
  • Obtain certification. Major online marketing hubs and even universities offer accredited certifications in social media spaces. These affordable, flexible online programs mark true professionals trained in SEO, ROI and other commanding necessities.

Your initial, and hopefully long-term, clients are treasure chests of testimonials to grow from. You might have to turn clients away, instead of find them, when your early believers testify how much you increased their sales along with their followers.