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Social Media Marketing Guide for Dentists

The importance of having a well-designed website is well established, however, a lot of medical professionals, including dentists, still undermine the positive impact that social media can have on their businesses.

The importance of having a well-designed website is well established, however, a lot of medical professionals, including dentists, still undermine the positive impact that social media can have on their businesses.  

According to research submitted by sprout social, a total of 75% of people purchase things they find on social media and almost 57% are more likely to buy from a brand they follow online. While getting the initial traction can be difficult—with a loyal clientele and right content, it’s possible to stay relevant in this digital-first age.

As a dentist, here’s the biggest marketing challenge you have at hand: You’re not going to have the same people visiting more than once or twice in a year unless they require an emergency procedure. So, how does one target these customers and convert them into consistent brand advocates for your practice? Here’s a little guide that you can use to up your social media game in today’s competitive landscape:

Invest in a feedback cycle – 

We have all heard about ‘word of mouth’ marketing, where your clients go back home and recommend your service to their friends, family, and peers. spread a good word about your brand. Setting up a feedback cycle is important, however, it wouldn’t make much sense if you can’t keep track of it. A lot of businesses have started using their social media pages to showcase customer testimonials. For example, Facebook allows people to review a business they’ve already visited. You can encourage your patients to share their experience on your social media page, in exchange for exclusive discount or benefits. 

Use relevant hashtags

There are several ways to connect with people online as a business, however, ensuring that your content reaches the right people is imperative to your bottom line. Engaging with potential customers with an intent to convert can be challenging since you’re never too sure about how many of them would actually be interested.  Using the right set of hashtags ensures that you are able to deliver your marketing message to people who are more likely to pay attention to what you have to offer. Whether you’re posting an interesting video of your practice or sharing more information about your in-patient routine, use platforms like Hashtagify and Ritetage to find out what hashtags will be perfect for your posts. 

Create engaging content – 

Content is the king. Unless you don’t work on your content to ensure it’s engaging and something you target audience will respond to, your social media presence will remain largely ineffective. Good copy is the key to not only attracting the right kind of customers towards your brand, but also retaining them. 

For example, you might lose out on a lot of potential and existing followers if your content is too pushy and all about selling. People are likely to lose interest in a brand if they feel misled, so while on-the-face promotional content is a no-no, it’s also important to not fall back to using shady advertising practices. 

Broadly,  content must be divided under 3 buckets: 
– Educational, where the audience learns something and adds you as a reference for seeking out future resourceful material. For example, a post about ‘The benefits of teeth whitening procedures’ could be a great starting point for people looking to give their pearly whites a makeover.
– Relatable and humorous, so your brand comes across as authentic, and honest. Light-hearted content also has more shareability, which means, your followers are more likely to pass it on if they enjoy it. Consider fun posts like ‘find the missing teeth’ or ‘what’s the color of your teeth’ to initiate conversations and clock more engagement.
– Credibility, so people know you can be trusted. As a medical professional, you have the upper hand against other platforms that don’t have the backing of an expert. A snippet of the dentist’s expertise on a specific topic on social media will divert traffic to their blog or landing page. 

A content helps the business engage with the audience so that they stay on “top of minds” for what they say out of sight is out of mind. Dentists can sew their content about their latest practices and happy customers and post so as to stay active and relevant on Social Media. 

A snippet of the dentist’s blog expertise on a specific topic on social media will divert traffic to their blog page. Boosting the same can improve shareability. Everyone becomes a hoarding for your brand.

Ultimately, the long-term aim of social media content is to create brand awareness for new customers and stay connected with the existing/old ones. If you have the budget for paid advertising, consider playing around with the Ad Manager tools provided by almost every social media platform to get better results,

Ensure consistency – 

With the cut-throat competition prevalent in the social media landscape today, there’s a lot of pressure for brands to generate content that goes viral every day. The whole idea behind achieving virality often keeps one at bay from posting anything at all. Don’t wait for the content to check all the boxes. Taking small steps and learning along the way is much more convenient than second guessing everything you post. Of course, you might get lucky in the beginning and see some traction, however, remember that you will encounter posts that perform poorly— post them anyway. The secret ingredient is consistency and patience. Just keep at it. Let numbers not overwhelm your need to be on or away from social media. 


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