Cash is king when it comes to selling your home, rather than having to deal with loans from the buyer’s side. It takes the worry out of whether the buyers are going to get a loan, and there’s the risk that the takers will have “buyer’s remorse” and not buy the home at all. This is a very common occurrence and is certainly not what you want.

Why cash is the way to go

Why would you want to burden yourself with the hassle that loans bring? Ask the experts at and they’ll tell you that you can land up waiting and waiting for the buyer’s loan to go through, only to end up with problems on their end.

There may be many reasons for you wanting to sell your home. You could be looking to relocate, or you may need the cash very urgently, so would you want to rely on loans? Many a time, the buyers don’t qualify for the loan that is needed, leaving you with having to go through the whole rigmarole again. 

You can sell your home ‘as is’

Your home may not be in the best condition ever. In fact, you may have worried that there is no possible way that you can sell your house in the state that it’s in. You may have thought that you will need to spend a lot on repairs before you can even think of selling your home.

This is not the case at all. In fact, the experts will advise you not to spend money on fixing your place up. You could end up spending vast sums of money and lose it in the sale. 

A little TLC? Yes, this can be a big plus

Most buyers know that ‘TLC’ (tender loving care) means that there’s many renovations to be done. Don’t see this as a minus. Many a time, the buyer is going to change a lot of things and wants the house to resemble what he or she had in mind. 

There are people that love fixing places up and making it their perfect home. When you find a cash buyer who can ease the sale through quickly and painlessly, you’ll normally find that they have money in reserve for doing the TLC that you were so frightened would scare them off. Instead, this can draw them in!

The disclosure agreement is a must

When you’re selling a home ‘as is,’ you still have to legally disclose what needs attention. This is standard in any seller’s agreement, but don’t worry that you’re going to put people off. Remember, a lot of people buy houses to renovate them and then sell them again.

It’s mainly problems such as the electrical system or the plumbing, or maybe there are sewage problems. These are the ‘big guns,’ but when you’re selling ‘as is,’ buyers normally expect these issues.

The right agent is everything – and more!

Don’t entrust your house sale to just anyone. You know there are plenty of operators who don’t really have your interests at heart. 

When you find the experts, and you’ll know immediately when you do, you won’t be paying any commissions or hidden fees. They will talk through all the points of the sale with you, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

Selling a house and moving is stressful and is ranked only second to the death of a loved one, so leave it in the hands of the right people!