Saving electricity isn’t only about having a lower electricity bill; it’s about saving resources because electricity and energy resources won’t always be available.

There are a number of things everyone can do to consume less electricity, and just maybe the savings can be put towards a salary increase? Just saying.

Lighting to reduce energy usage

Lights in an office are always a big issue and even fluorescent lights that save energy shouldn’t be left on all the time – not when your office already has sufficient natural sunlight. If, for some reason, you require the lights to be on, you can replace high-watt bulbs with a much lower watt bulb to reduce energy usage substantially.

Also, by replacing them with LED lights, you save even more. Traditional incandescent bulbs are no longer manufactured and newer energy-saving lightbulbs provide the choices in different colors and also light levels. 

You can think about lighting occupancy sensors that work well for those areas that aren’t occupied every day. Certainly, if you run a small office, you want to be constantly looking at new technologies that may require lesser lights, for instance. 

Maintenance equals electrical savings

Good electricians can save you a lot on your office electricity bill. But that is only when you make the right choice – electricians who are trained, skilled and experienced to do the right thing. 

Choosing the best electrical contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. By having the name Bates Electric among your cell phone contacts, electricity maintenance is just one less thing to stress about.

Suppose your office is reliant on electrical systems to keep things running smoothly. In that case, electrical maintenance from a reputable, credible expert team can advise you on the likes of smart lighting, security systems and all those energy-saving machines. They can guide you on how to hook them all up safely so that they don’t become a fire hazard or get one of your employees electrocuted. 

Solar energy as your power source

When you start looking around, you can see that solar for businesses is becoming as prevalent as for homes. It will be a wise move to consider solar energy as your power source. There are just too many benefits to ignore, and these days, saving on utility bills is number one. 

Also, clients, especially those concerned about the planet, want to see that ‘their’ business whom they deal with, has a ‘green’ reputation. It may well be a bit expensive to have solar panels installed, but if you do research, there are many solar financing options available.

If your business is doing well financially, why not consider the wonderful options of moving over to a solar-powered office. You may not benefit from the word go, but by installing solar, you will start saving money on your office’s electric bill. Also, there are a number of providers that allow you to lease equipment, which can also minimize your upfront capital costs.

Replacing old equipment with energy-efficient equipment

You may not be able to make sweeping changes all at once in your office, as there are some heavy costs associated with upgrading your office equipment. 

As your computers, printers and photocopiers start deteriorating from sheer usage and old age, you can start replacing them with efficient, energy-friendly alternatives that will all help towards reducing your overall electricity consumption. 

It is always a good idea to look for equipment with the Energy Star logo. When you see this, it means that the machine has actually been designed to be energy efficient as possible. Switching to all these energy-efficient devices will ensure things get done efficiently and quickly. At the end of the month, you’ll also be rewarded with a lower electricity bill.