It goes without saying that when you expand your marketing efforts to an international audience, the world is your oyster because you’re able to reach millions of customers. However, with these customers comes the responsibility to understand them and to optimize your offerings so that they can see you understand their culture.

Do business in the language of your customers

Each year hundreds of foreign investment projects are launched in France. There are so many benefits to starting a business in France that it is hard to believe there can be some hindrances.

France is the 5th largest economy in the world. According to Bloomberg reports, French is the 2nd language used in business, and getting a business going in France will require many documents that will be sent to administrations to register the company.

Without a French translation expert, you’ll flounder and possibly fill in the wrong information. Anthony Teixeira is a professional French translator and proofreader who can assist you with all the localization needs so that nothing holds you back from getting set up with a business in France.

A huge market

People are looking at France to do business in as the country is the EU’s 2nd largest economy with an exceptional transport network of high-speed train links and motorways.

There are already some 20,000 foreign businesses with their offices in France, and this amounts to roughly 2 million employees. Foreign companies with offices in France thrive in the business culture that exists in France.

Setting-up costs are lower

The cost of setting up a business in France is substantially lower than it is in other countries such as Germany, the U.S. and Germany, for instance.

In other G20 countries, the average cost is estimated to be about 9% of the average per capita income, while for France, it is about 1%. Renting office space in Paris’s business center is half the cost of the same space in London.

A good standard of living

France is a top tourist destination and receives thousands of visitors throughout the year who come to see the fantastic art and history.

Health is at the top of everyone’s minds these days and the country has a very good health system running. Certainly, the French healthcare system provides one of the best services of public health care in the world. It is a universal service providing health care for everyone, regardless of how wealthy you are.

Encouraged to start a business

The French president Emmanuel Macron wants to rebrand France as ‘the start-up nation’. The president began the process of slackening off with some of the rules that limited new businesses.

With the selling of certain state assets, billions have become available to fund entrepreneurs and start-ups. He likens this new business initiative to a new wave.

Not so long ago, Macron had some proposals aimed at making France more business-friendly and suggested slashing the corporate tax rate from 33% to about 25% and also loosen national labor laws, giving companies freedom with things such as pay and hours of work.

You can start small

In France, there is an increasing number of workplace solutions that are perfect for getting a new business up and running.

Some of the bigger cities in France, such as Lyon, Paris and Nantes, for example, have plenty of co-working spaces where you can rent an office or desk by the month. Paris also has what is known as ‘Station F’, a converted railway station that is ideal and specific for start-ups. Some hotels even hire out some of their public spaces as meeting spaces to meet up with clients.