Police Brutality In The United States Of America

Police brutality refers to the spiteful use of excessive physical force by police officers on innocent citizens or simply unnecessary use of force by police on citizens. Normally, it is difficult to distinguish between reasonable force and excessive force used by police officers.

Many citizens suffer in the hands of rogue police officers due to lack of information. Here, I will explain to you, a misconception associated with police brutality and how to deal with these distasteful incidences.

Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

Racial profiling has been seen to be a factor contributing to police brutality. However, strong crusaders have come up with a campaign dubbed “black lives matter,”which seems to be yielding some good results. We know that indeed several lives have been lost due to police using unnecessary excessive force. It has been noticed that this brutality stems from other underlying factors apart from skin color.

Regardless of your skin color or racial background, if you fail “the attitude test,” you are likely to land yourself in trouble with the police officers. Sometimes as citizens, we attempt to resist what could be a lawful arrest. Such actions will only irritate police officers who will definitely want to stamp their authority and demonstrate their capability.When faced with an arrest, comply, so that use of excessive force on you,by the ill-willed police officers, is minimized. 

Sometimes you will realize that it doesn’t matter how much you cooperate. A rogue is just a rogue. Here is where you are required to stay calm and seek help from an attorney who can assist you get over this undue harassment by the hostile police officers. 

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Is There Any Law To Protect Citizens Against Police Brutality?

Yes. There are several laws in place. For example, Title 6 of the civil rights act states that it is illegal for local and state law enforcement officers to discriminate against citizens based on their ethnicity, nationality, gender, and/or religious affiliation. From this, you can deduce that it is usually ignorance that would land you in trouble. 

Apart from knowing that there are laws that protect you as a citizen, you need to know which police actions can qualify to be described as police brutality. 

Have you or your loved one been involved in any of these ugly incidents involving the police? Battery,discrimination of any nature, false or malicious arrest, evidence falsification by a police officer, harassment:-it could be verbal, physical, or sexual in nature, illegal search and seizure, intimidation of any nature,racial profiling,assault or rape. Do not suffer in silence. Seek legal redress.

There are many places you can seek assistance.  Civil rights bodies can help in activism and bringing facts to the fore. Unfortunately, without legal backing, your cries might end without proper attention. The only proper way you to solve such cases that involve law enforcement officers who break the law they are supposed to enforce is to hire a lawyer to hold your hand through this quagmire.

What you always need to remember is, police officers, know what the law says. Therefore, they will only be capitalizing on your ignorance to trample on you.Stay safe and keep USAttorneys.com as one of your emergency contacts just in case you get involved in a repugnant situation with police officers. These lawyers will help you defend your rights to claim the proper compensation you verily deserve. They will legally voice your complaints and ensure that any legal loopholes are avoided.