LinkedIn Headline Tips for Job Seekers

A headline can not only help you land your next job, but it can help you get noticed by recruiters and establish your brand as an expert in the field.

You’re looking for a job. After hours of spending time on job boards with no luck, how do you get your name out there and get the job that you want? This is where Linkedin comes in. LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to share your experience, qualifications, and interests with future employers. You can also build and interact with a network you identify with and grow your brand. 

Resumes used to be the way to capture the attention of future employers. Traditionally, job seekers would write one resume and send it out to every potential employer, hoping for a call back. LinkedIn has changed the game for job seekers. Instead of waiting desperately by the phone for a call back, spend time building your LinkedIn profile and network, which should help you secure the job of your dreams. 

A LinkedIn headline is what people see first after your name. When you comment on a post or share something you’re interested in on LinkedIn, people will see your name and headline. Curating a compelling headline will cause people to click into your profile, which is the first step into being interested in you and what you can bring to their company. A headline can not only help you land your next job, but it can help you get noticed by recruiters and establish your brand as an expert in the field. 

How to Write a LinkedIn Headline for Job Searching

When you’re thinking about putting together your LinkedIn headline, you need to think about two things. 

  1. Keywords. The search algorithm that LinkedIn runs pulls up keywords when recruiters and prospects are looking for candidates. You need to make sure that your headline includes these keywords so that you show up on the first page of relevant search results. 
  2. Your brand. Who are you as a person and what value and services can you bring the people on your profile? 

We’re going to discuss these two elements in detail below. 


The first thing you need to do when writing your headline is look at relevant keywords. Run a search on LinkedIn for people with similar roles to you. Look at the keywords they use in their profiles. Take a note of these and aim to include 3-8 keywords/phrases that match what employers are searching. 

Keywords are essential because LinkedIn is essentially a search engine, but for businesses and job seekers. To stay relevant, you need to make sure that LinkedIn thinks that you are relevant. Keywords have the biggest impact on this. 

For example, if you’re looking for a role as a Bid Writer in Construction, these would be your keywords. Recruiters looking for people in this role will use those keywords to search for candidates. The people who show up first in the search results are the ones that add these keywords into their headlines and through their profiles. This means that their profile carries more weight, and LinkedIn will take their profile more seriously. 

Define your brand and showcase your value

The second half of your headline should show what value you can bring your potential employers and define your brand. Think about who you are as a candidate. Why do you stand out from the crowd. 

Think about it as a mini-pitch and use action words and critical results. For example, if you’ve been able to increase your current company’s search relevancy (as an SEO expert), add this to your headline. It would look something like this.

“SEO Specialist @ Uber | Building search relevancy that’s boosted clicks by 400%”

This is valuable because it helps you stand out in search results on LinkedIn. If everyone is using the same headline formula, your pitch will catch the attention of recruiters if it’s well thought out and shows your brand and that you are valuable. 

Examples of headline examples that combine keywords and personal brand

Now that you know what to add to your headline let’s look at some examples that combine keywords and your brand. We’ll look at some of the top jobs on LinkedIn and create headlines for those. 

Example 1

Let’s say you’re a loan officer and looking for a job in the mortgage space. It’s a hot real estate market, so this is the time to land the job you want. First, you need to run your job description through LinkedIn for keywords.

Keywords: Underwriter, Mortgage Loan Officer, Escrow Officer, Loan Closer.

Here’s what your LinkedIn headline could look like: 

Underwriter | Mortgage Loan Officer | Closing 200 loan applications on average for high net worth individuals. 

Example 2 

If you’re a sales consultant in the SAAS industry, these roles grew by 45% last year. So if you’re in this industry, this is your time. 

Keywords: Sales Consultant and SAAS

Here’s what your LinkedIn headline could look like: 

SAAS Sales Professional | Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Star

Obviously, only add accolades if you’ve actually achieved them. With the ability to quickly search if someone is lying on their profile, you don’t want to say you’ve done something, when you havent. 

Example 3

Suppose you’ve just started in the diversity space. This is a new area, so there are lots of roles available. 

Keyword: Diversity Manager, Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Diversity Coordinator.

Here’s what your LinkedIn headline could look like: 

Diversity and Inclusion Strategist @ Bumble | TedX Speaker

Now that you get the idea of structuring your LinkedIn headline, have a go at it! Start by looking at keywords in your industry and defining your brand and value. LinkedIn isn’t just about your headline, and you should also look at optimizing your entire LinkedIn profile. Once you do, you’ll no doubt be on your way to finding your next big role. 


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