Although your home may not be for sale, you may even have been offered twice as much for it than you originally paid for it because of the improvements done to it. One huge reason for this extra value is its outdoor livability, complete with shrubs, trees, grass and flowers. 

We look at how landscaping can add literally thousands of dollars to the value of your place.

Home food production

With the cost of living climbing, a lot of emphasis is on growing your own food, even in a small garden. There are certainly deficiencies in the foods we eat and by growing your own vegetables, you can actually avoid most of the degenerative diseases of our time. Soil preparation is important and you want to mix in manure and compost to successfully grow herbs and vegetables.

Many people these days have vegetable landscaping in their garden as their yard area isn’t big enough for an actual vegetable garden. This allows for home-grown fruits and vegetables among the flowers and shrubs in your garden. In this type of garden design, you can have one or two fruit trees growing alongside your ornamental plants. 

The have-more tip 

How much should you spend on your garden? That is a question to answer before you consider landscaping. What are you wanting? Ground covers, trees, flower gardens, pathways, water features, pathways? With careful budgeting, you may not have to choose as you may be able to have everything.

With landscaping tips from GreenPal, the most important thing is to plan and budget, simply because you can have more done in your garden. If you want to see your garden develop and grow and you want a helping hand in the landscape of your place, you can sign up to GreenPal for the best landscapers in your area. 

A good lawn is lovely, but it has to be cut once a week. If you need your lawn mowed, you can also know where to find the best lawn care providers.

Garden walks

Everyone wants a place to get outside and into the fresh air and garden walks with lanterns make this a 24/7 possibility. There is a great choice of methods and materials, limited only by your own imagination and ingenuity. Brick is ideal and conventional, while stepping stones are great and can actually be placed without any foundation. The stones give an attractive, casual pathway. 

There are all sorts of other materials that can be used for walks or paths, from gravel to stamped concrete to more formal pavers to crushed limestone to very attractive recycled pallet wood. You or a landscaper can organize to have a wild garden growing along these pathways and some wild varieties of trees and plants can only be obtained from trips into the country. 

Keep close to nature

The commencement of spring usually goes hand in hand with getting outdoors and embracing the new season of warmer weather. Adding some seating to your garden opens up a world of leisure opportunities. Dining alfresco is just one. Putting down some bricks around a tree or laying down some pebbles is a great place to start with some simple landscaping ideas.

What about adding a fire pit as it is the easiest way to ensure fantastic outdoor dining? By adding some built-in seating to your outdoor fireplace area, you will have struck gold in terms of the ideal outdoor leisure area. 

Some people go a little further with their landscaping ideas and build a shed-like gazebo or open-type cabin close to the fire-pit. This allows them to enjoy cooler evenings outdoors around the fire and to also provide somewhere comfy for people to sit around the fire.