Some people think that if you know how to play video games, you can get into eSports, but that is not the case. Despite their similarities, gaming and eSports operate in two different realms.

There are key differences when it comes to playing video games and participating in eSports. Here is what you need to know about the difference between gaming and eSports.

Gaming is more of a hobby while eSports is more of a profession

You might get into video games because you like them, or you play with your friends. Gaming, in general, is treated more as a hobby or a pastime. For professional gamers, eSports is their profession. Their day job is being a professional eSports athlete.

They spend most of their time polishing their skills through gaming and other means. eSports players do not see eSports as a hobby to do in their free time as they dedicate their time and energy to it.

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You usually do not make money from gaming, but you usually do for eSports

When you play video games, you do it for a few reasons, but making money is not one of them. There is no cash prize or prize pool you are competing to get unless you participate in a tournament or your friends decide to have one.

ESports competitions usually involve a prize pool that can range from thousands to millions of dollars. ESports players need to make a living, and they get that through prize money competition or sponsorship deals with brands. Do not expect to earn money by just playing video games regularly. You have to be a streamer or reach the pro levels to do that.

Anyone can get into gaming, but only a select few can get into eSports

The medium of gaming is such that it is accessible to almost anyone. It is easy to pick up and play any game. There is a low barrier of entry for new gamers. In eSports, only the best of the best can play professionally.

You need to be one of the best players in a game to reach the heights of eSports. You need to have proven that you excel in a certain game for you to be considered part of the eSports leagues.

You can game almost anywhere, but eSports requires a special setting and equipment

For you to play video games, you just need a device that can play video games. You can play at home, at your friend’s place, at a restaurant, practically anywhere. ESports is not just something that can be done on a whim but requires a certain setting and special equipment.

Some eSports tournaments are held in convention halls or, for the DOTA and League of Legends championships, concert stadiums. Even the device you play on can change to make things fair and avoid cheating. Every player plays on a pre-approved PC or console set-up.

Anything goes in gaming, but eSports has certain rules for players to follow

You can practically do whatever you want when you play video games. There are no rules or restrictions that hinder you from playing a game the way you want. In eSports, certain rules and regulations are applied to the games played.

For example, in some Call of Duty tournaments, specific guns are banned, and your health is lowered. Some fighting game tournaments also ban specific characters from being played in specific games for one reason or another. You cannot do whatever you want in eSports because there are rules you must follow.