Sometimes your worst fear becomes a reality. What will you do in that instant? It’s probably something you’ve had nightmares about happening, waking up sweating, and sighing with relief when you realize it was only a dream.

And what could this worst fear possibly be? Since we’re all different, what scares one person won’t scare the next. However, there are some similar ones. Some people are terrified to speak in public. The idea of having lots of people’s attention on you is enough to turn your legs into jelly. 

There’s a good chance your first attempt at public speaking didn’t go too well. You might have frozen once you reached the podium or stumbled over your words. There are a lot of other things that could’ve gone wrong, but let’s not discuss them.

Some people are, by nature quite shy, and they don’t like to speak in front of others. However, there will come an occasion when you have no choice but to do so. What will you do?

The best thing to do is to use what has happened in the past to prepare you for the future. Don’t try to shut that awful day out of your mind. Embrace it instead so that you can learn from it. By learning where you went wrong, you can make sure your next attempt is a success. By the time you’re about to address your next audience, you’ll be ready to conquer your fear. Jessie Sims, a social media influencer and star, is living proof that this is the best approach.

Jessie Sims has led an interesting life, and she continues to build a career for herself on social media. She has gone from feeling self-conscious about herself to becoming a successful model. Many people have trolled her and posted nasty remarks about her online. Her Instagram account has been hacked and shut down more than once. But Jessie has learned that the best way to overcome these obstacles is to refuse to let them define her.

Instead of allowing the things that have gone wrong get her down, she’s learned to rise above them. Jessie could have given up and retreated into obscurity when people had horrible things to say about her. But she decided that their opinions were not going to rule her decisions.

In fact, Jessie has grown her social media empire by leaps and bounds, proving the doubters and haters wrong. Check out Jessie on social media to follow her adventures. Her current YouTube serious has had many viewers in stitches as she pursues her love of pranks by daring others to do things they would never even have contemplated. These videos are setting new trends in the dare genre with a seemingly never-ending stream of original ideas.

Unfortunately, very few people have only one thing that makes them scared. It is most likely that there are a whole host of things that instill fear in you. For this reason alone, you should be facing them.

Sometimes, the only way to conquer that which intimidates you is to tackle it head-on. Using your fears to become stronger is a good way to start. Have you ever watched a program about someone afraid of flying? The experts work with the person to get them to board a flight and take off into the skies. Why do they do that? Because nothing will get better until the person faces their fear.

What will you do the next time your worst fear unfolds before your eyes? Follow Jessie’s example and refuse to let it own you; instead, you should take ownership of it.