Online marketing is powerful and valuable, connecting customers to a brand and its products but only IF they get it right. For any business, large or small, finding the right marketing mix is essential.

The majority of new customers will find what they are looking for by searching online. Search engines are the tools we turn to find our way through a complex and increasingly fast web.

Marketing means a business stands out but with constantly shifting sands, how can a business ensure they stay relevant and up to date with their marketing? And what marketing tools should they be investing in online?

The tools available

Most businesses have reduced their spending on offline marketing, although this doesn’t mean they are no longer relevant. What they are doing, however, is investing in online marketing.

In some ways, return on investment is easier to measure and for all sizes of business, it is a cost-effective medium for marketing their business.

But the tools change and morph. What tools are brands currently investing in?


From short clips to longer, explanatory videos on how to use a product or make the right choice have become more prevalent. Easily accessed and a visual piece of marketing, video makes sense in the fast-paced world that is the internet.

Social media

Where would we be without social media platforms? The majority of businesses use social media in some shape or form to market their business but also to reach and engage with customers. Social listening is also an important marketing tool.


From blog posts to guides and manuals, businesses understand the role and significance of good quality content being added regularly to their website. But content isn’t just about selling – it is about giving information that the customer wants and needs, a key factor in modern day marketing.

Search engine optimization

Also known as SEO, the higher your website ranks on search engine pages, the more likely customers are to find your business. Getting on to ‘page 1 of Google’ is possible but a business needs to be clever with their marketing, have an in-depth understanding of algorithms and a concerted, consistent marketing effort online.

Email marketing

Offers and discounts, along with other sweeteners, direct to customer inboxes is something that many companies do. But again, there are challenges just as there are opportunities. Avoiding the spam box is one and staying within the confines of the new EU regulations on

information sharing and privacy GDPR, marketing experts need to understand how to make their emails ‘sticky’. In other words, enticing people to open them.

Lead generation

Sometimes, people show an interest but aren’t ready to buy. Or maybe they have bought from a company previously. Nurturing these customers is an important marketing aspect. The sales funnel is the process of moving people from one point to another in the buying process. And lead generation is a big part of it but do businesses truly understand what it is?

Pay per click

Advertising online is also within the reach of most business budgets but again, it can be difficult. In-depth understanding is needed of keywords, as well as who the adverts need to be aimed at and then, of course, there is the creation of the online advert itself. In no more than a few words, the marketing message needs to be strong – no wonder people are turning to online marketing courses!

A strategic marketing approach

Successful marketing campaigns are backed by a strategy. This detailed plan looks at all facets of marketing such as;

How customers will access a business website or place an order

It is will also divide the marketing budget across the range of options the business decides will bring in more customers

It measures the success of marketing, setting out key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as monitoring the return on marketing investment (ROMI)

Is a career in marketing right for you?

Fast-paced, dynamic and never dull but it can also be pressured, a place where results are expected and measured in hard facts and statistics. Whichever way you look at it, a career in marketing is exciting.

It takes experience to bring about fantastic campaigns but it also takes knowledge and an in-depth understanding of modern day marketing. Marketing experts also have one eye on the future, how marketing will change and how this will affect a business.