Global Pandemic: the words on everyone’s lips at the moment. This insidious virus that made its appearance in 2019 and has proceeded to turn lives upside down all over the globe. 

People the world over are struggling with loss: financial loss, job losses and death. We are traumatized by daily statistics. Life must go on for those left behind, but how do we go on? How do we keep their memories alive? 

Grieve in your own way

Bear in mind there is no right or wrong way to mourn. It is not a race. Don’t let anyone tell you that you “should be over it by now.” We do not “get over” the loss of a loved one, just as we do not “get over” the loss of a limb. 

It’s a case of finding your way, with new routines, new norms. Some have described it as working their way through a dark tunnel where the obstacles along with way. 

You can’t see the obstacles and when you stumble upon them, they hurt. What’s important is that you get back up and keep moving forward. You will get through the tunnel. You will eventually see the sunlight again.

What if I forget his face?

Grief is a process, and the professionals say there are five steps, the final one being acceptance. There are ways to keep your lost loved one close to your heart while you go through these steps. 

One of the best ways is cremation urns by With a range of products to allow you to keep your loved one close as you search for your “new normal.” One of the biggest fears among those who have suffered loss is that they may forget the one they lost. This is a common fear, but rest assured their memory is indelible.

Don’t be afraid to cry

Tears are healing. Nobody should ever tell you that “you’ve cried enough.” The tears will slow down as you begin to come to a place of acceptance. But do be patient with yourself. Each time you remember the reality and the finality of your loss, you will fall down again. It is normal. 

Never allow anyone to make you feel pressured into “getting over” your loss. Loss is so personal; it is utterly unique and each one of us will deal with our loss in a different way. 

Try something new

Another way to find your new normal is to try new experiences. If you love the outdoors, find a hiking club in your area, and join them on a hike. The fresh air and beautiful scenery can be like a healing balm to a broken and troubled heart. If you enjoy the arts, enroll in a course of art classes. 

If you enjoy physical activities, join a gym. It will be hard, especially when you probably feel like you want to just stay curled up in your bed, but getting out of your comfort zone can be very helpful to move you over the worst humps. 

Revisit happy memories

This one may seem bizarre, but when you feel ready, spend time going through photos. For some time, you will probably be too afraid to see them happy, smiling memories of the one you just lost and afraid of the rush of pain and desolation. 

Don’t push yourself, but when you are ready, the benefits are that you will come to a place where you focus more on the positive memories than on the fresh and painful loss you have experienced. 

Tell your friends and family not to be afraid to talk about their happy memories. Before you know it, you will be laughing out loud at these memories. The laughter is just as healing as the tears. You are allowed to be happy again.