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How to Promote Your New Podcast

There are a few key strategies you’ll want to adopt to successfully promote your new podcast.

Between Spotify and iTunes, there are thousands of amazing podcasters with equally amazing content. Knowing this, you might be tempted to get intimidated and give up. However, it’s good to start a podcast and share your content with the world. As long as it’s valuable and you share it on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to experience success with it. However, there are a few key strategies you’ll want to adopt to successfully promote your new podcast.

1. Article Marketing 
Take a look at all of the most popular blogs and news sites. Make a list of the ones that cover your genre. Once you create a list of websites, write customized pitches for each outlet. Don’t be afraid to pitch major outlets like the Huffington Post, CNN and BuzzFeed. Outlets are always looking for great new content. If you prove to provide value, you never know how far your content could go. Make sure to contact a range of outlets: large, medium and small. As long as you connect with outlets with a consistent readership, you’ll have an easier time connecting with others and gaining the exposure you desire. Condense one of your podcasts into an article and share that article on multiple platforms. If you feel inspired to create a brand-new article and submit it to various media platforms, this will help you diversify your written content.

2. Email Marketing 
Email marketing is an excellent way to gain a new audience and maintain a regular amount of content with them. With many of these platforms, the goal is to attract them to your email list. It’s the one platform you can own. The key to email marketing is to make sure that you find ways to incentivize the deal. If you want people to give you their email address, you’ve got to give them a good reason. It could be a free eBook, phone call consultation or access to a valuable course. As soon as you get people to your email list, make sure to stay in touch with them. Each time you release a new podcast episode, make sure that the people on your email list know about it. It’s also good to maintain an email list because whenever you’re ready to sell a product or service, your list of people will probably be the first ones in line to purchase.

3. Guest Appearances 
Guest appearances are especially impactful since you’ll be directly targeting future listeners. Take a look at some of the podcasts in your genre. Consider reaching out to those content creators to ask them if you can share your story on their show. If your podcast is one dedicated to new mothers, find other motherhood podcasts and submit a request for a guest appearance. It’s also a good idea to cross-promote. For example, the same mommy podcaster might want to also reach out to a podcast about nutrition and share information on how mothers can maintain their nutritional health while breastfeeding. It’s all about becoming creative with your approach. You don’t want to only target people who are in a specific niche. Reaching out to those in other genres will also be effective.

4. Social Media 
Whether you use Instagram or Facebook, know that there is so much to be gained out of using social media as a marketing tool. Create word graphics with quotes from each episode and share those quotes at least two times a day. It’s also wise to use relevant hashtags and the help of brand ambassadors. Use Instagram Stories to showcase your personality and give a sneak peek to your life behind-the-scenes. With social media, it’s also important to intentionally reach out to others and become social. You can’t expect everyone to miraculously find your content. Get out there and like other pages and comment on great pictures. Don’t leave a bunch of spammy comments. Genuinely interact with great brands, potential followers and people in your niche.

5. YouTube 
Though it might be uncomfortable for you to get in front of the camera as a podcaster, YouTube is another excellent platform to take advantage of so that you can get in front of a new audience. There are many people who would much rather watch your podcast video rather than listen to it. As long as you make sure your content is on multiple platforms, this will increase your chances of successful promotion. If doing a video recording of the podcast is too much, you can always upload the audio content and a word graphic to a video editing program. When you take this approach, you don’t have to be seen yet your content is still heard. When it comes to using YouTube in the best way, always do your research to find out the best keywords to use. Google owns YouTube and when you utilize proper SEO tactics, the Google algorithms will help you in your promotional efforts.

You might want to record a bunch of podcast episodes in advance. When you record the episodes ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of remaining consistent with producing content and staying ahead of your schedule. Play around with these different strategies and take a look at which ones work the best. Each of these marketing strategies takes a significant level of work. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to hire a virtual assistant to help you push the content through.


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