Making money off social media isn’t just for celebrities. With some careful content planning and a solid strategy, you can monetize your social media accounts and start earning income right from your phone.

You don’t need millions of followers to get paid to use social media; there are plenty of ways you can make money online by monetizing your accounts for free. Here are five of the best ways to start monetizing your social media profiles and earning extra income just by posting!

Create an Online Course

Know a skill that could benefit others? Start an online class and sell your course for a low rate. The e-learning industry is rapidly growing; nowadays, anyone with webcam and internet connection can teach others and earn money just by sharing their knowledge on the web.

Your social media accounts will be key to marketing your course, which you can host on sites like Kajabi and Udemy.

Add Video Marketing

Videos increase user engagement tenfold on social media; today, any solid content strategy should include video content across the web. It’s estimated that 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by 2019.

Incorporating video content into your social marketing strategy will undoubtedly increase engagement and click through rates and encourage greater conversation.

Start Using Ad Revenue Programs

Ads are one of the earliest ways everyday internet users began to make money off their social media accounts. If you have a blog or run a website, signing up for a program like Google Adsense will help you earn extra income just by letting some ads run on your site.

The key to being successful with ad revenue on social media is to target your content according to the type of ads shown on your page. You can offer value through your posts that will encourage visitors to click through and make a purchase, which earns you income.

Use Sponsors

Sponsors pay you to post about their products or services online. People trust recommendations more than ads, so companies like to work with social media users to drive traffic and increase sales.

You may be intimidated to approach brands on your own, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out. As long as you can demonstrate the reach and value of your profiles, you have something worth offering to a brand and should pursue sponsorship and affiliate opportunities. You never know if you don’t try!

Join an Affiliate Program

If you’ve ever seen someone on YouTube encourage you to “check out the link in the description,” then you’re already familiar with affiliate links. Companies offer influences the chance to earn some extra money by showcasing their products or services, offering a unique discount and encouraging viewers to click through to their page.

Social media affiliates earn commission through promoting other brands’ products. You don’t pay anything to promote, but you do earn a generous chunk of each sale you drive. For people with tailored content and a good niche, affiliate marketing is an easy way to monetize social media and start earning some extra cash.

Using an Affiliate Program

Finding the right affiliate program for you is easy online. Most affiliate services are free to join and just require an application with links to your social media.

So long as you have an audience and some relevant content, most people will be able to become a brand affiliate without any problem. Take your time to research and consider the products you’d like to start offering on your accounts.

Remember, monetizing social media doesn’t make you a salesman. Instead, you’re in control of what you promote and how often you do so. Pick products you’re happy to use yourself and would gladly recommend to anyone. Authenticity is the key to trust, so stick to what you love, and you’ll be able to turn your social media accounts into a profitable business in no time!