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How to Increase Your Traffic On Pinterest

Regardless of whether you work in your business full or part-time, Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website.

Regardless of whether you work in your business full or part-time, Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website. However, figuring out where to start and how to focus your efforts can seem almost impossible. You also might also feel as though you lack sufficient time to engage audiences on Pinterest.

Fortunately, novices can build a solid foundation that helps them quickly become productive on Pinterest. Use the following tips to increase your Pinterest views while building your business and brand.

Getting Started

Take some simple steps to prepare for success on Pinterest. For instance, you should convert to a business account to gain access to Pinterest Analytics. Afterward, create some boards that center on your mission. Next, follow some good practices:

• Add branding to your account. Do this by creating group board covers.
• Create a template for your images to give everything you pin a consistent look.
• Populate your account by posting 20-30 pins every day.

Establish a Baseline

Let your account run for at least a week and then start monitoring your results. When your analytics begin to stabilize, take a snapshot to use as your baseline. This will help you measure the results of your future activities.

In as little as a month, you may begin to see evidence of your hard work paying off. To continue growing, keep pinning and monitoring your analytics. You should aim for consistent growth, so you need to quickly respond if your account stagnates.

Respond to Changes

Regardless of whether you experience fluctuations due to changes in Pinterest algorithms or user behavior, you need to react. To begin with, you should post fresh pins rather than repinning existing ones.

However, you can extend the life of your older pins by rewriting them with different hashtags and keywords. While refreshing your content this way, make sure that you avoid repinning from other boards. Instead, upload them manually, describe them, and then pin them directly.

Assess Performance

After implementing your Pinterest strategy, you should enjoy a noticeable increase in Pinterest views. If nothing changes, you should review your work to ensure that you have properly established your baseline and posted fresh pins.

Naturally, your performance gains may vary from other Pinterest users based on several factors. To illustrate, Pinterest audiences may be either more or less interested in the type of products and services that you sell, affecting potential responses.

In some cases, businesses may double their views in a relatively short time. Additionally, if you establish a routine habit of making fresh pins and monitoring analytics, you can experience long-term growth.

Mistakes to Avoid

In addition to doing the right things on Pinterest, you need to avoid the wrong activities. For example, you should avoid the temptation to get involved with group boards. For the most part, Pinterest groups have low engagement rates and, therefore, offer limited potential benefits.

What good is attracting more views if they fail to engage? For this reason, you should avoid the temptation to expand your audience. When you create a minimal number of boards and use them to target your niche, you can simultaneously increase your views and sales.

You can also make a mistake by spending your time trying to gain followers. Pinterest users do not have to follow you to view your pins. Your content appears in feeds, regardless of who follows you, so use your energy to improve your SEO and create fresh content.

Going Forward

To maintain your Pinterest account as a profitable asset, study your analytics data to find out more about your audience. As a result, you can refine your content strategy to connect with your niche with more precision and increase engagement.

You should also consider using Pinterest to support your off-platform marketing efforts. Notably, you can use the site to build your email list. Try offering a free gift as an incentive for Pinterest users to sign up.

Finally, be consistent. Create an editorial calendar to plan your Pinterest activities and stick to it. If you start ignoring your audience, they will forget about you. So, even if you must work in small increments, you can achieve better results than if you pin in sporadic bursts.

In conclusion, by focusing your efforts and taking simple steps, you can increase your Pinterest views. Make sure you use a business account, create fresh pins and maintain a consistent schedule. In time, your deliberate effort can richly reward you and your business.


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