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How to Get Your Startup Noticed on Social Media

Here are the best strategies to get your startup noticed on social media and build your online presence:

Social media is becoming the marketing tool of choice to attract funding, talent, and customer interest. But with a startup you often have a bold idea, limited resources, and no online presence. Getting noticed on social media can be the ticket to get your startup off the ground. 

Here are the best strategies to get your startup noticed on social media and build your online presence:

Set Clear Targets

With so many social media platforms available, choose the platform(s) that are most used by your target audience. For B2B companies, this will be LinkedIn along with either Facebook or Instagram. For other types of businesses that lend themselves to visual appeal, Instagram and Tiktok can be considered. The key is to research where your target demographic spends the most time, and focus on that first.

Whatever platform you choose, learn the tools to optimize engagement and build trust. This includes:

  • Articles on LinkedIn. While it used to be only influencers who could post articles on LinkedIn, now anyone can publish articles and build credibility. 
  • Facebook Live. Facebook live is a feature that allows your audience to hear from the company directly. This can be used for education, training, product launches, and to build interest in your startup. With authenticity essential to build brand trust, Facebook live provides an unfiltered glimpse into your startup’s brand message and goals.
  • Instagram Stories. Instagram stories  allows users to post short video clips that are live for 24 hours. Stories is the most-used feature of Instagram and can be used by startups to humanize their company and get the word out. You can include up to 30 hashtags to increase reach, along with stickers which are shown to improve video performance

These are the big three for most businesses, although Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat are also powerful marketing tools in certain niche startups. 

Post Consistently

One of the most important ways to build engagement and trust on social media is through daily posts. Some experts recommend up to three times daily. Whatever posting schedule you choose, stay consistent. Like a snowball, consistent posting over time will build brand awareness, brand trust, and increase both followers and engagement. 

Build Relationships

The key to social media is not just in collecting numbers. Posting alone is not enough. Reach out and engage with potential customers, critics, and other startups in the same sector. Don’t spout boring statistics or promote products all the time. Give customers the inspiration, information, and vision about your brand purpose to inspire loyalty. 

A good ratio is:

  • 20% talk about your startup and vision
  • 20% linking to your content (blogs, products, etc.)
  • 20% linking to other content (local businesses, other startups, etc.)
  • 40% Networking (share how you are, ask about your followers’ business, kids, pets, etc.)

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to reach out and build collaboration and support for your startup and ideas. 


The golden rule of social media is to respond. Respond to comments, questions, and criticism. Join the conversation! 

But more than talking — listen. Listen to the needs of customers in your industry and niche. Look for what customers want and aren’t getting. Be alert to how your company can fill a hole in the industry or uniquely fulfill customer needs. 

A response is even more powerful if it demonstrates listened and adapted to customer needs. Plan to keep the conversation going by building innovation to meet market demands. 


To streamline the posting process, use a variety of online posting tools to batch process posts. Setup a calendar of posts for the month, taking into account holidays and other major events, as well as product launches and business schedules. 

While you will still need to respond and interact directly, the automated monthly posts can be set up in just a few days, freeing up the rest of the month to build the startup. 

Hone Brand Messaging

While it can be tempting to just post nice photos or product details, consistent brand messaging across platforms will improve post performance, brand awareness, and build trust. You want to create a customer base of those who resonate with your brand messaging. 

Consistent messaging will draw your target market. Connecting influencers with your startup is also an effective tool to quickly increase reach and amplify brand messaging. Your ideal customer will find you, but only if you have a clear message and put it out there. 

Putting It All Together

Getting your startup noticed on social media takes a focused, targeted approach, listening to customers’ and industry needs and building both a product and a message that resonates with customers. With some creativity and experimentation, your startup will reach your target market and start to increase brand awareness. 


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