After hours of labor, hours of intense pain, you have finally brought your bundle of joy into the world. The hours of pain are so worth it as you look at his or her perfect little face for the first time. 

As the days pass, however, you become aware that all is not as it should be. Your perfect little angel is absolutely beautiful in every way and you love her so much, but something is not quite what it seems. 

Where to next?

You begin to investigate the irregularities; the questions reveal a birth injury that turns out to have been avoidable. So what options are available to you – can you sue? If so, who do you sue and who will help you do so? 

Kathryn Snapka of Snapka Law Firm in Texas says that a good option is using a Texas Medical Lawyer to assist you with the investigations and in proving negligence is the reason your infant will face challenges for the rest of her life. The best lawyers state that if they do not win your case, they will not charge you for the lawsuit at all, making it worth your while to pursue it.

Moving Forward – one day at a time

To anyone who has not had a special needs child, the idea of raising one seems like such a challenge. But to those who raise these wonderful gifts of life will know it is simply a case of taking it one day at a time. 

Each day offers its own special brand of joy and, while they may not be perfect according to the world’s standards, there is no love as pure as that of the “imperfect child.”  

You will have people commenting on how strong you are and on how brave you are. But you will find yourself looking at them questioningly. Aside from the additional financial burdens, parenting a special needs child is like parenting any other. It is a labor of pure love. 

The Perfect Outcome

The perfect outcome of what on the outside seems like a tragic event is that your negligence case would support your child through all the steps of the disability caused by the malpractice. For example, if your child is hearing impaired, the proceeds would pay for cochlear implants. 

Or if your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, the proceeds will ensure round the clock care and the best wheelchair available for his condition. He would be able to attend school, the perfect care center and receive the best possible grounding in life.

What about when you are gone? 

You will not live forever – none of us do. So how can you ensure your special child will receive the perfect care after you are gone? Should you win your case, you can ensure that your beloved offspring will receive the care they need for the rest of their days. 

Either take out a policy that only pays out in the event of your death or invest some money in a trust that pays monthly, enough to ensure your child is cared for, for the rest of his days. Whichever you choose, do your homework and make sure that whoever cares for this special individual cares and loves as much as you do. 

Enjoy Every Moment

Once you have all your affairs in order, then you are all set to enjoy each moment with your incredibly special child. A special needs child is a blessing like no other. Only once you have a child who, by the world’s standards, is “not normal” do you realize that the parents of these special children are chosen by Heaven. 

There is no escaping that they cost an awful lot more to raise, but the joy their parents get from the “journey of love” makes it completely worth every tear you shed, every hardship you faced.