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How to Create a Real Estate Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch

Social media platforms can be an amazing way to increase sales for realtors. It’s free advertising and a great way to get referrals and connections. But only when done correctly. It takes more strategy than just posting a picture of the front of a property with some details.  So if you want to start a … Continued

Social media platforms can be an amazing way to increase sales for realtors. It’s free advertising and a great way to get referrals and connections. But only when done correctly. It takes more strategy than just posting a picture of the front of a property with some details. 

So if you want to start a Real Estate Social Media Marketing plan from scratch where do you begin?

First, think about your goals. If you are a real estate agent then you likely want sales. But to get to those sales you need engagement, posts that will bring referrals and interest. Social media profiles that have just pictures of house after house do not typically get engagement. You need to be more creative and add variety. Your content needs to make people stop and pay attention in a busy feed. 

To create your strategy think:

  • Targeting
  • Creativity
  • Engagement


Where are your potential clients active? And what are the different age groups that are most active on the different platforms? On Facebook, you have a big opportunity to reach more Baby Boomers on Instagram more Millennials. LinkedIn business has professionals of varying ages. All are potential home buyers so these are 3 great platforms to start with. 

To build out your strategy you want to keep the varying ages and lifestyles in mind for the different platforms and customize your content accordingly. You will have first-time homebuyers, buyers who are downsizing or upsizing, and those who just want a new location. Think about how to reach each. Pay attention to the times they will be on different platforms too. 


Beautiful pictures of the properties you have for sale have their place but think about what else you can share to make the profile stand out.

What are some interesting and popular places in the area that you could post about? Places for shoppers, foodies, etc. You can also show some behind-the-scenes posts. Your go-to win celebration when a house is sold. You could even share a buyer’s story with their permission. Testimonials are great to share. You can share staging tips or ways to quickly improve a property before you list it. What makes a property more valuable. Tips that a buyer or seller would love to know. 

You could share something personal every once in a while too like why you became a real estate agent, what you love about it, your favorite books, and your favorite quotes, who inspires you, etc. A day in your life through stories. 

For your picture posts, you can use a resource like Canva to create beautifully designed branded graphics in minutes.

A feed with variety is so much more interesting than just the houses. 


If you can get viewers to not just pay attention to your posts but engage with them you can reach a lot more people and build a loyal following. Think about the emotions behind buying or selling a home and speak to that. Ask and answer questions when viewers leave comments. You could even dedicate a day to Q&As.

Create interactive posts. Real Estate Coach Tom Ferry had a neat idea to share a post with a picture of the drapes in a house and then find a celebrity that wore a dress remotely similar and say something like, Who wore it best? 

It’s clever, stands out, and makes people want to answer and start a conversation. Create as many conversations through your posts as you can.

Know your audience. Their hopes and fears. What are they believing right now about the housing market? Answer their questions. 

Video is more engaging than a picture post especially if it is live. Find out the top viewing times for your profiles and consider posting a story video or going live during those peak times. When you share, use relevant hashtags to improve your reach. You can use a tool like Hashtagify to find relevant hashtags. 

Next, think about how you can utilize your own profiles.

How To Utilize Your Own Social Media Real Estate

Think about your social media profiles and pages as well…real estate. Your Facebook and LinkedIn headers are a great place to put your contact information, logo if you have one, and any awards you have won. Put keywords that someone may be searching for to find listings in your area in your bios and headlines. Consider a Facebook business page and a Google My Business Page. You can link the two together and any reviews you receive will appear on both. This is a great way to reach new customers. 

Make a Plan and Work It

Based on what you know about your potential buyers, where they hang out, and what times, create a posting plan for the two to three main platforms you want to focus on. Schedule what times you will post to each platform daily and make it a habit. 

Create your content ahead for the upcoming week. You can then post daily at the given times or use a social media scheduler to schedule it all before the weekend. If you do use a scheduler, make sure you schedule time for yourself to go back and engage with comments on your posts and stay active.

Don’t neglect the weekends. Weekends can be hot times for engagement. 

Remember you can miss out on sales if you do not respond to questions and stay active on the platforms you are posting to.

After you have implemented your plan, measure your results and check the stats. See what is bringing the most engagement and continue to test and improve. Social media, especially video is a skill that you can get better at over time and it also builds. The more active you and the more flexible with learning and growing the more successful you will be. 


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