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How to Choose the Best Instagram Hashtags

Here are some of the reasons why hashtags matter on IG

Hashtags have always been an essential part of marketing on social media, including Instagram. Whether you are on the app for your business or it is just for personal use, you probably already know about hashtags. For some users, they are mainly for expressing their thoughts or simply an addition to their caption. For serious business owners, they are useful in their brand’s exposure.

These days, Instagram is one of the most popular social sites, which is why you should take advantage of it for your business. Here are some of the reasons why hashtags matter on IG:

Hashtags act as links. 

Just like with Twitter, using hashtags on Instagram can automatically link you to other users. They now appear in the search results that are relevant to your campaign, which is why it is crucial to add them to your posts.

They can connect your posts with others. 

When other users tap on hashtags, they will go to public posts that all contain the same ones. They help continue a conversation or contribute to creating a discussion, which has become quite valuable on IG. Many users on this app are exceptionally receptive when it comes to interacting with businesses.

Interested people can find you. 

In many cases, users click on hashtags that they would like to see more of. Others will actively type and search those posts that have a specific hashtag. Make sure that your posts are public and have relevant tags that you know will fit in the interests of your audience. If you accomplish this task, it can indeed expand your reach without difficulty.

Get more engagement. 

One of the most significant benefits of using hashtags is that you can connect with potential customers, including those who would never have heard about you, your product, or your company. With the right hashtags, you can get linked with large numbers of new users and enjoy better interaction with them through your posts.

Creating and Choosing Hashtags that Work for You 

If you have been using Instagram for a while now, you are aware that you can have all sorts of hashtags. You can create whatever you want from one-word tags to sentences to customized ones. It is all up to you, and that is the beauty of this marketing method.

In truth, there is no right or wrong when it comes to using hashtags. It is just about choosing the ones that your target audience would go for and make sure they appear on your posts. It also helps that you attach specific tags to posts that are relevant to each other. Here are some ways on how you can select the best hashtags to get maximum exposure on this app:

Branded: These are custom ones that businesses attach to all their posts. They encourage users to share and utilize the hashtags whenever they post anything related to your firm. Often, it includes the name of your business, or it is merely the name of the company.

Descriptive: There was a time when most of the tags before only contain one word, such as #cool, #beauty, #food, and the like. These days, they no longer work because they appear lazy, are mostly overused, and can even be spammy. The competition with one single word is crazy, so your pictures will easily get lost in a sea of photos.

Instead of just using one, be more descriptive by having at least three words that you know will be interesting to your audience.

Location: You can build local awareness with the help of your hashtags. It can even increase the number of your followers, especially if you are a local business. It can also work if you are more on e-commerce since hashtags that are location-based can connect you with your community. For instance, if you have a business in Florida, you can use hashtag variations, such as #iloveatlanta, #atlantashopping, and the like.

When you have the right hashtags, it means that the right people can quickly discover you. For this reason alone, you should be motivated to put some effort into coming up with a list of hashtags that cover different types of content you provide to your followers. At the same time, they should talk to the ideal individuals who have the potential of becoming one of your loyal customers.

If you have not found the best hashtags for your business yet, here are some ways that will allow you to hunt down and locate efficient tags for your Instagram account:

Look at your account and inspect the pictures you have posted over the last two weeks. Figure out whether they are mostly selfies, inspirational quotes, food, or fashion.

Then, make a list of the categories you usually have on your feed. After that, you can brainstorm ideas that would fit in each category for the hashtags based on your posts.
Most people on Instagram use the search bar to look for certain individuals, usernames, and of course hashtags.

Take advantage of this by learning how you would like them to find you on IG. It can be because you are a fashion inspiration, you have some business advice to give, or you are great with makeup tutorials. Now, come up with another list of hashtags that you believe people would type to find you or your content.

Finally, you should do your own research. You can either look up the hashtags online or utilize the predictive text on the app to discover the recommended hashtags. Examples are those when you start to type the word “blog,” and you will get some predictions from Instagram, such as #blogginglife, #blogging, or #bloggingproblems.

It also helps to spend some time looking at accounts that are similar to yours. Examine the hashtags they use so you get an idea which ones can be useful for you.

You can have fantastic content and a flawless feed with winning captions, but even captivating stories cannot help you get found on Instagram. Hashtags are essential even though they are often overlooked. If you are not using them correctly, it may be the reason why your online presence is stagnant.

You can do everything else amazingly, but if your hashtags do not represent your business or products correctly, you will not get the results you are hoping for. These words that come after the “#” sign can give you remarkable growth, engagement, and reach on the world-famous app. Therefore, it is not an area you may want to ignore.

Try the recommendations above, take your time as you perform your research, and test out different strategies. You may soon hit the jackpot with your hashtag choices.


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