Few people are complete introverts or extroverts, with most displaying characteristics of both, with one being more predominant. Introverts tend to prefer to spend time alone or in small groups, and they do not like being the center of attention.

In some situations, like those at work or your social life, an introverted nature will not get you where you want to be. In that case, it is time to tap into your inner extrovert and allow it to take over. Here are some ideas:

Know yourself

No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do. It is time to take a long, hard look at your behavior and ask if you act that way because it is who you truly are or because it is easier.

Step outside yourself for a brief while and see yourself as others, such as friends and colleagues, see you. Ask for their input, if necessary, to get a clear picture. Isolate those areas of your personality that might come across as introverted and that you want to work on. Perhaps it is a fear of speaking to a group and having their attention focused purely on you.

Go online

To overcome shyness when meeting new people, venture online, where the higher degree of anonymity makes it easier for you to express your more extroverted side. Go into chatrooms and try starting conversations online.

There are any number of platforms to try out your online conversational skills. You might also meet up with someone trying to connect with their inner extrovert just as you are, and supporting each other will make the process easier.

Take a class

Many introverts find that taking a public speaking course helps them connect with larger groups of people and feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Learning about appropriate body language, eye contact, and use of vocal intonation helps you make conscious changes to your current approach.

You can take several online courses if you are still feeling a little nervous about attending in a group of people in real life. Many of them offer skills that you can use in work and social situations. However, joining a local club or organization and mingling with others is also an effective learning tool.

Fake it until you make it

Take showing a more extroverted approach like an actor does when playing a character. The more you play the extrovert role, the more comfortable it will start feeling. Some of the world’s greatest performers are introverted when not on stage. However, they have learned to tap into their extroverted side at the appropriate time.

Do not feel that this technique is being fake, as this is not what it means. You are exploring a new side of yourself and acting it until you believe it is part of the process. Like anyone else, you are multi-faceted and unique, which should be celebrated.


Introverts find it necessary to recharge after being put into situations where they must deal with many people. For them, socializing can be exhausting, whereas the extrovert finds it exhilarating. Showing a more extroverted nature will not change who you are at your core. Therefore, take time alone to unwind and recover from the ‘overload’ overwhelming situations present.

Recharging does not mean a weekend at home alone, although do that if it is your preference. However, it can also include a ten-minute walk, listening to some relaxing music, or taking time to calm down when things do not go according to plan, which can be very unsettling.