According to a recent Buffer research, out of the 7 posts that brands share on their dedicated Facebook page every week, 80% links to external landing pages, 19% are images and less than 1% are native videos. Even though Facebook videos have outperformed Youtube in terms of average interactions and shares, they still remain largely underutilized.

With videos driving 135% more organic traffic than static or text-based images, it comes as no surprise that an estimated 2.27 billion monthly users consuming 100 million hours worth of Facebook videos every day.

Given that 71% of consumers with purchasing intent find Facebook video ads relevant to their interests, brands now have the opportunity to drive actionable, bottom-line results by creating and promoting audio-visual content that appeals to their audience. 

Since we’re evolving to be visual first, FacebookIQ reported that content consumption on mobile is no longer liner and elicits different mindsets

With more than 95% of Facebook users using mobile devices to access the platform and almost 65% of all video views coming from mobile users, creating video ads that are optimized for small screens should be your number one priority. Ask yourself: In comparison to a desktop, how good will your video content look on a smartphone/tablet? Will it attract consumers who are always on the go and have a shorter time-constraint?

Mobile-first ads have longer average view times, higher engagement rate, better brand recall and a significantly lower Cost per Thousand (CPM).

Facebook recommends the following tips to capture the attention of mobile users:

  • Keep your video ad length to be 15 seconds or less.
  • Use vertical or square videos, as 93% of people hold their mobile devices in the portrait mode
  • 62% of people use their smartphones in a public setting while buying their morning coffee or waiting for a bus. Including captions in your video ads will help users in understanding your message even with the sound off. 

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle, where you have multiple streams of media available at your fingertips, it comes as no surprise that the average human attention span is estimated to be around 8 seconds. As a marketer, if you’re not offering a ‘catchy hook’ or getting your point across early on in a video ad, most people will not hesitate from tuning out. 

According to a Nielsen study, people who watch a video ad for less than 10 seconds contribute to almost 74% of the campaign value, which means, they don’t have to watch an entire video to act on their purchasing intent.

For in-stream video ads that you often see before or during other video content, 5-15 seconds is the optimal length, however, if you’re running standalone ads in the news feed, then keep it under 15 seconds. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook also recommended creating 6-second ads to achieve “higher brand metrics across the board”. This brings us to the commonly asked question: How do you promote your brand in such a short time? 

In a global meta-analysis of video advertising data, Facebook discovered your message is 1.23x more likely to be remembered when you make your brand identifiable in the first 3 seconds of a video ad.

In layman terms, keep your video ads short, to the point and brand focussed to create brand awareness and boost the number of views.

Videos are an excellent way to attract and engage with your target audience, however, creating ones that give you the desired results takes practice. With the launch of new video monetization features, you’d have even more opportunities to go beyond the Facebook news feed for promoting your brand.