Let’s face it, meeting your call center performance goals can sometimes seem like an impossible task. The variables are too vast and the events of the day are too unpredictable. The main reason why many companies don’t reach their goals is that they focus all their attempts at trying to control those unknown variables. 

If you want to meet those goals, you need to start focusing on the things that you do have control over. Once you realize what you can control, setting up a plan is your next step. Here are 5 steps you can follow to help you meet your goals more often. 

Assess your tech and adapt

To say that you are using a tried and tested method of doing something can sometimes mean that you are hiding behind an inability to embrace change. Call centers need to invest in new tech, especially cloud-based tech to replace their old, bulky hardware. 

Aceyus is a company that provides your call center with an all-inclusive package to handle every aspect of your center. They cover everything from reporting to analytics and automation. You won’t need any additional software to run your operation. With their expert advice, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your goals. 

Set the mood in the office

Many people dread going to work because the environment is terrible. If you don’t like the space where you work, you are bound to be less productive. A little bit of motivational décor can go a long way in upping your employees’ productivity. 

A study was recently done where a decorated and barren office was compared and the decorated one proved to be 33% more efficient. The physical space is not everything, though. You need to invest in recognition and rewards as well. A simple gesture of gratitude will go a long way in cultivating a hard-working team.

Establish a call-back protocol

Getting back to customers and being more responsive is key to reaching your goals. If there is one thing that can tick a customer off more than being put on hold, it is giving them false hope. They want to feel like they matter and making empty promises to call back is a sure way to break down trust and lose a client. 

When you establish a call-back protocol, everyone in the office will be more mindful of what they tell their callers. Setting a cut-off time and setting reminders are two of the easiest ways to give your call-back ration a boost. 

Keep the team stable

One of the major leaks in a call center is high staff turnover. You want to keep the team stable and reduce the overhead costs of training new staff, not to mention the time you lose when you need to replace someone. 

If you want to keep your employees, check-in with them and find out if they are good. Be open in your communication and provide them with the opportunities to better themselves. Ongoing learning is vital, especially for those individuals who need constant new stimulation. 

Make sure your lines are open

When you make sales calls, you need to make sure that there is no pause before a connection is made. The person on the other end feels awkward and, in many cases, they just hang up. 

Your agents need to be ready when the client answers. That connection pause wastes time and the agent never has a real chance at getting the sale. Although it seems like a small matter, a client can be won or lost during that first couple of seconds of the conversation.