Many people count on their investments to yield enough returns to provide them with a level of comfort in their retirement that savings alone will not provide. There are many people who have successfully chosen their own investment portfolio, but many simply do not have the time, expertise, or interest in doing it by themselves. For this reason financial advisors exist.

While financial advising in an in demand skill set, it is also quite competitive. In order to gain market share in such a competitive field one must engage in social media marketing. In this article we will go over the basics of developing a Social Media Strategy for financial advisors.

Identify Target Audience: Not everyone is looking for the same type of financial advice. Some are more risk averse than others, preferring bonds, CDs, and blue Chip stocks. Others, especially those who are younger, might be more open to investments like penny stocks, Forex trading (for more information of Forex visit Forex Academy), or other higher risk investment instruments.

Knowing who to target with ads will save time, money, and will produce a more effective marketing campaign.

Drive Traffic To The Website: Having links which lead to one’s social media page or website is a great way to reach more people. One of the best strategies for accomplishing this is by writing guest articles for other websites. By writing articles on another site one can place links leading back to their own website.

Search Engine Optimize: SEO is not just important, its necessary in 2020. Hiring a competent SEO specialist will help one get their website or social media page more visits. 

Search engines use a complex algorithm to determine which sites are included in a web search query as well as what order they are displayed in. Those sites which rank on the first page of the search results are significantly more likely to attract traffic than those which rank on any subsequent pages.  

Decide Where To Advertise: Many platforms exist which match advertisers with suitable users. This is done by analysing the search history of people and displaying ads which are most relevant to their past searches. All the major search engines, as well as social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram offer similar services.

Become Involved In Online Communities: Many communities exist where people discuss finances and investments. Becoming active in these online communities allows one’s brand to become known and trusted. Those who are seeking financial help are most likely to go with someone they know and trust.

Speak To A Social Marketing Specialist: Speaking to a social marketing specialist can provide insights and suggestions that one may not have otherwise thought of. Many competitively priced social marketing firms exist, and many will include SEO services as well.

Conclusion: In this day in age one cannot have business success without social media presence. The market is simply to competitive for one to get by without a social media campaign.