Your home is regarded as a safe place where you can rest and relax after a long day’s work. It is sad to think then that house fires can happen and lead to destroyed homes and loss of lives. 

As a homeowner, you can do a lot to prevent these fires. It is best to know how to prepare for and prevent house fires. Here are some common house fires and ways to prevent them.

Get the help of experts on home damage

If a fire were to damage your home, the water used to put out the fires might have damaged parts of your home. It is advised that you quickly contact the help of a water damage restoration company, which has a national network with 1700 franchises. 

Servpro is a well-known restoration and cleaning company that can offer fire and water damage repair and restoration. Their trained experts will survey your home and check to see which items can be saved and salvaged. They also have specialized equipment to remove any odors and marks left behind by the fire. With their help, your home will return to pre-fire conditions.

Check appliances

A common mistake you could make is to leave on an appliance that causes a fire. Right before you leave your home, remember to turn off all your appliances. Check to see if your lights are turned off and the chargers of your phone and laptop are unplugged. Turn off the dryer after use to prevent it from combusting. 

For fireplaces, keep it clear of any flammable materials and keep the metal screen shut when in use to stop embers from going on your floor. If you spot things like mold growing near your appliances, get the help of mold remediation companies to clean the mold.

Look out for faulty wiring

Home fires caused by faulty wiring and chords are a common problem that can be solved if you know where to look. Always keep an eye out for faulty wiring in crawl spaces, the basement, and the attic. If you do spot one, get the help of a trained technician to fix or replace the broken wiring. 

If you spot marks or damage on any of your cables or cords, unplug them and replace them immediately. Avoid using too many plugs in one wall socket to prevent it from overloading and causing an electrical fire. Also, do not cover cords or wires under rugs.

Kitchen fires

The kitchen is near the top of the list when it comes to causes for common house fires. Prevent kitchen fires by cleaning your stove and oven top of grease. Clean the inside of your oven of any burnt food particles. When cooking, do not leave the kitchen and always keep an eye on what you are making. Turn off the stove if you must leave. 

Keep curtains, chemicals, and other flammable items away from the stove, oven, and other hot surfaces. Like metal plates, some items should never be placed in a microwave because it can cause fires.

Use and keep flammable items safely

Your house is home to items that help you daily but are also hazardous and can cause fires. These items are easily combustible so always use your flammable items safely and store them properly. 

Gasoline should be kept in a proper container and away from any open fires or heat sources. Hairspray and other aerosol cans should never be used near fires and should be kept in a cool place. Check the labels on household cleaning items to know which are flammable and store them accordingly.