10 Ways to Find Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement

As social media engagement increases, your business goodwill increases parallelly. Therefore, it is important to make an effective social media strategy to gain good engagement.
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How to find a profitable niche market for your blog

So, you want to start a new blog? We get it – it’s fun, and you can let your creativity
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Monday Morning Cool Tool: StoryArt

I love learning about new tools to make social media marketing more creative and effective, so I’ve decided to share some of my favourite tools with you at the start of each week. This week I’m recommending StoryArt, a freemium app for more creative Instagram stories. StoryArt is an Instagram story editor app that offers … Continued

Instagram Bio: What to Put and Why

With 8 million business pages, Instagram continues to be an excellent advertising avenue for brands to attract new customers and engage with the already existing ones. When a potential customer lands on your profile, they should be greeted with a bio that’s reflective of your brand’s personality and piques their interest. An ideal Instagram bio … Continued

Social Media Updates this week [Apr 3- Apr 9, 2021]

Stay on top of Social Media news! What happened on Social Media this week 👇 Instagram Shared tips to streamline
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Addicted to Social Media? Here is what you need to know

Communication via social media has become a societal norm over the last decade or so. For most people, social media is a quick and convenient way to stay connected to family and friends. However, for a growing percentage of users, social networking becomes an addiction with serious side effects. Psychologists estimate that between 5-10% of … Continued

Instagram Remix is here — All you need to know

Technical guide + FAQs Well, Instagram is getting too much heat in the comment section but hey, that doesn’t mean
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A Literature Review of Social Media Use by Health Care Providers

A recently published literature review aims to shed light on social media use worldwide and to discuss how it has been used as an essential tool in the health care industry from the perspective of healthcare professionals. A literature review conducted between March and April 2020 is the latest most up to date reviews of … Continued

20 Funny Cat Memes That Will Brighten Anyone’s Day

The ways of the “Cat meme” are as mysterious as the titular felines themselves. It is hard to know what combination of “cat in a weird pose with text printed around the photo” will appeal to audiences on a particular day. But there is something compelling enough about the arrangement to make cat memeing its own little cottage industry on the internet. Here are 20 of the best memes this industry has churned out recently.

20 Baby Yoda Memes That Have Won Our Hearts

Even though The Child’s name has been revealed to be Grogu, the internet will always know him as Baby Yoda, source of uncountable memes. Here are 20 of the best ones:

Close Friends on Instagram: How To Leverage It in Marketing Strategy

Instagram introduced the Close Friends feature back in 2018, and it was designed to help users exchange private content with a limited number of friends. The feature has been primarily used by influencers and regular users ever since. You have probably noticed that brands and businesses accounts don’t leverage the functionality that much. In this … Continued

8 Best Apps And Tools To Change Fonts on Instagram

In one of our previous articles, we have already touched on how you can change fonts on Instagram and why you should do this. In this one, we’ll cover the specific apps you can use to do exactly that. So keep on reading if you want to stand out from the crowd and draw attention … Continued

How To Use Twitter Analytics: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide For Healthcare Communicators

Twitter analytics is a simple but effective insights tool to help you analyse your Twitter activity. It’s still surprising to me how many people who are using Twitter for marketing and communications have never checked this inbuilt analytics tool. You can navigate to the platform either by visiting https://analytics.twitter.com/about or accessing it directly from your … Continued

Storytelling strategies for a B2B Marketer

Storytelling is an important part of the human race. We learn, remember and even teach through stories. The human brain specifically System 2 (a term coined by Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking fast and slow) is wired to connect to the emotional aspect of every conversation and make decisions through it. As marketers, we … Continued

Blog strategy for sustainable content marketing success  

There is no gainsaying that content marketing is the foundation on which many brands’ marketing strategies are built. It involves
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Brand Building Strategies from Instagram

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see people hooked onto their Instagram app. Millennials love to see what others are doing and similarly want to share their own social life with the world. According to 73% of US teens, Instagram is one of the best mediums to discover new products and brands. There’s a reason so many … Continued