How to Track Social Media Analytics and Report for Businesses

It’s a hard truth: Without utilizing social media analytics, your social media strategy isn’t going anywhere. Luckily, in 2020, tracking and reporting on social media analytics is easier than ever. And it’s also never been more important.

Ideal Instagram Posting Time and Other Best Practices

Whether you’re working on the social media team for a major brand or running a small hobby social media account, you have little hope of reaching an audience without a strategy. Perhaps most important, you must understand the best practices for the social account you’re using. For this post, I’ll be showcasing my personal travel … Continued

How Capitalizing Early on Social Media Platforms Can Build a Brand

Florida’s New Scooters 4 Less (often abbreviated at NS4L online and by university students), is a successful Gainesville-based electric scooter store that caters to young adults and college students. The brand sells a variety of electric scooter models and also offers repairs and scooter storage. After over 15 years of business, the brand has successfully … Continued

Marketing in the era of No-Code revolution

The No-code revolution is the beginning of an era where instead of running to a developer for regular day to day activity, with no-code or low coding background, you can get your job done. Internet and software applications like MS Word doc were the reason for democratizing publishing. Home recording technology, with the advent of … Continued

The Bennefits of Using SWOT Analyses for Brands on Social Media

Identifying what makes a business stand out is the key to knowing how to effectively market that business on social media. However, finding what sets a business apart isn’t always a simple task. For many businesses, this requires the careful generation of a SWOT analysis. What is a SWOT? A SWOT analysis, standing for “Strengths, … Continued

How Dollar Shave Club Capitalized on Viral Social Media Marketing

The Dollar Shave Club stands out in recent advertising history as one of the most successful cases of viral social media marketing. Not only was their first major effort of video marketing on YouTube a viral success, but they were able to create it on a substantially lower budget than the industry norm. But this … Continued

Guide to quality traffic from Online Courses

In recent times our video consumption has increased tremendously. With the extra time, each one of us is motivated to achieve personal goals, develop sustainable habits, and build new skills. This market need is on an ever-increasing trend. Youtube recently surveyed its users on what they watched in the last 24 hours and the statistics … Continued

5 Ways to Boost Sales With Carousel ads

As marketers, we need to innovate our brand stories. Carousel ads are one of the ways to do just that. Its an advertising platform that can combine videos and images in the form of a slide show in a single ad. Its an alternative to otherwise static traditional. This capability was first provided by Facebook … Continued

5 Mobile Marketing trends for B2B Marketers

Today every individual carries at least one smartphone. An individual checks their mobile devices 150 times a day and 79% of them are likely to make a purchase using smartphones. Mobile marketing is present in all B2C companies, especially in Retail and eCommerce. It makes sense as the consumers who will buy these products all … Continued

Great Examples of Videogame Social Media Marketing

Like every other industry, video gaming has had a reasonable percentage of both exceptional and disastrous marketing campaigns. While the bad examples are easy to remember and continue to remain fresh in the memory of pro-players, there are some small and big game developers and publishers who’ve managed to knock the ball out of the … Continued

Social Media Marketing Guide for Dentists

The importance of having a well-designed website is well established, however, a lot of medical professionals, including dentists, still undermine the positive impact that social media can have on their businesses.

Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts – Eye-Popping Differences. Which Is Better?

Paragraph No other platform provides you as an advertiser with asrobust and effective demographic and behavioral targeting as Facebook. Handsdown, when it comes to reaching people based on their interests, demographics,likes, and dislikes, and behavior, Facebook is the most effective choice. No other platform provides you as an advertiser with asrobust and effective demographic and … Continued

Google Ads For Restaurants

Do Google Ads Work for Restaurants? Absolutely Google ads work. Remember this about Google – whether we’re talking about Google Ads or Google organic searches and SEO, no other marketing tactic provides your restaurant a constant stream of pre-qualified leads 24 hours a day, 7 days per week like Google. The fact that a potential … Continued

Are Facebook Boost Posts Worth it?

The short answer to this question is no – provided you have the ability to run Facebook ads from within the Facebook Ad Manager platform instead. Facebook Boost Posts have a specific objective and do not align with business outcomes. There are other far more effective Facebook ads to run than a Boost post. You … Continued

Marketing Through Viral Product Design

Ever since the first chain mail went, to borrow from a term that wouldn’t be coined till a century and a half later, ‘viral’, marketers have been intrigued by the prospect of hard-coding social momentum into the design of the product. Popular examples of these are referral systems that earn you incentives for sharing it … Continued

6 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

With an average of 1.47 billion people logging into Facebook every day, almost 50 million businesses continue to use the 13-year old social networking platform for attracting new customers and interacting with their existing audience. According to Hubspot, 76% of Facebook users use their feed to discover content that aligns with their interests, which has lead to the creation of … Continued

Guide to Every Social Media Metric that Matters

In the fast-paced, technologically advancing digital marketing industry, marketers are constantly changing the way brands, especially B2C businesses, engage with their target audience online. Social media has been the fastest growing trend in world history, with Facebook amassing more than 2 billion monthly active users since its launch in 2006. For reference, when the internet … Continued