Quality SEO Will Make Your Content Profitable

SEO and content marketing seem to be very distant from each other, but they do have something in common. The best possible content on the web must conform to SEO standards. Let’s look at this connection from a different angle. The proper usage of SEO and content can be quite profitable because it will help … Continued

Team Messenger Etiquette

Show this post to your colleague who likes to send GIFs with cats and herring pie recipes​ to a corporate chat. 01. Remember What Is the Chat For Hint: For work! What are the most common team chat aims? To record somebody’s responsibility or share news for lots of people or quickly ask for advice. Non-target team chat … Continued

Instagram Guides: Everything You Need To Know

Instagram Guides are a brand new feature and content type launched on Instagram in 2020. When they were first launched a few months ago, Guides were available for particular accounts and organisations providing information and resources about Covid-19. But with the latest updates, Guides have become a novel feature that marketers, social media managers and … Continued

Public Relations and Social Media Trends For 2021

Finally, we have reached 2021. When the world first shut down last March, organizations had to adopt new methods to maintain sales and market share. Marketing departments, brand managers, and even corporate officers implemented new processes, many of which focused on public relations and social media and will continue in 2021. Corporate and social communications … Continued

7 Reasons to Replace That ‘Follow Us’ Button with QR Codes

Building a loyal social media audience takes time, and gaining followers is the first step. Meaningful engagement from the right audience is the ultimate goal. Brands resort to several online and offline channels to grow their audience, and amidst that, QR codes stand out from the crowd. As an effective cross channel tool, QR codes … Continued

Identity Crisis: I Don’t Know Who I Am | Marketing Therapy Blog Series

At some point in life, many people experience a struggle to be confident in who they are and the direction they are headed. Who hasn’t wondered if they were doing the right things and putting the right message out into the world? Having a wise and compassionate counselor or friend can help with navigating through … Continued

10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Despite the unprecedented crackdown social media companies are undergoing in the wake of the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol, social media is here to stay. We hope 2021 will bring better control over the content on social media, but its popularity will remain, making it a necessary part of your overall marketing strategy. We … Continued

How Social Media is combating Hate Speech

In today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy society, it’s almost impossible to think of a life without a smartphone that allows you to stay connected with the world 24×7.

Google Ads vs Yelp Ads: Top 12 Reasons Why Google Beats Yelp

Choices – where to put your marketing budget is a common question with all our clients. Clients often ask us about Yelp advertising, whether they should allocate funds to it, and should they use Yelp over Google? Below I go into a comparison between the two platforms to help you decide which is the better … Continued

Twitch and Social Media Marketing: Will It Survive?

As social media marketing emerged as a foothold in digital marketing, the persistent question that all brands have had to ask themselves is: what channels are worth investing in? Picking the wrong emerging social media channels means a waste of time and investment– but early investment in the right channel can mean explosive growth and … Continued

The Ikea effect: An audience centric Marketing tactic

We are all familiar with assembling furniture from Ikea. They are famous for their modern designs, eco-friendly products, low prices, and flat furniture packaging. But there is also a psychological reason behind Ikea’s iconic success, it’s the feeling of a sense of accomplishment after the 1000 pieces of furniture are put together by you to … Continued

5 Ways E-Commerce Businesses Should Approach Content Marketing in 2021

Two words: pay attention. And now, some more words. Make It Meaningful One prominent shift we saw this year across all communication avenues was the rise of compassionate marketing. Across the board, companies moved away from trying to be funny or cute or edgy, and toward being honest, transparent, and supportive. As an e-commerce business, … Continued

What We’ve Learned In 2020

2020! This year is the year that challenged all of us. In the midst of a presidential election, a raging pandemic, and a country divided, many industries had to adapt quickly and change their go-to-market strategies without much warning at all. Some of our favorite businesses have made it through so far. Others haven’t fared … Continued

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing?! We’re kidding, right?  You might be surprised at our answer: a resounding, “NO!” Email marketing is a classic, but also very powerful way to grow your business. Today we present to a few best practices that will go a long way in creating a successful campaign. It’s a platform that has yet to … Continued

How to Market Annual Events on Social Media

The art of social media marketing for events is generating FOMO. Your goal as a social media marketer is to make sure that your target audience either experiences your event or wishes they could experience it. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is the unofficial metric for a successful event social media presence. So how … Continued