How To Build a Business Proposal That Wins Clients

You can have the best ideas in the world, but they will go to waste if you don’t present them the right way. Even if you worked for months to close a deal, the business proposal is still the most important stage of the process. It’s the finishing touch of a long journey. Let’s explore … Continued

The Definitive Guide to Instagram Stories

With photos and videos extensively shared and viewed through Instagram Stories, brands must zero-in on the kind of content that resonates well with their audience.

Marketing Through Viral Product Design

Ever since the first chain mail went, to borrow from a term that wouldn’t be coined till a century and a half later, ‘viral’, marketers have been intrigued by the prospect of hard-coding social momentum into the design of the product. Popular examples of these are referral systems that earn you incentives for sharing it … Continued

6 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

With an average of 1.47 billion people logging into Facebook every day, almost 50 million businesses continue to use the 13-year old social networking platform for attracting new customers and interacting with their existing audience. According to Hubspot, 76% of Facebook users use their feed to discover content that aligns with their interests, which has lead to the creation of … Continued

Guide to Every Social Media Metric that Matters

In the fast-paced, technologically advancing digital marketing industry, marketers are constantly changing the way brands, especially B2C businesses, engage with their target audience online. Social media has been the fastest growing trend in world history, with Facebook amassing more than 2 billion monthly active users since its launch in 2006. For reference, when the internet … Continued

How to Become an Expert in Social Media Marketing

With the massive growth of the internet and social media in recent years, there is a growing need among businesses for tech-savvy professionals who know the intricacies of using social media and engaging with customers through mobile technology.

Increasing Brand Reach Through Employee Advocacy

Over the past few months, more people and publishers have shifted their focus to employee advocacy. Even online trading platforms such as Nasdaq are informing companies why employee advocacy matters. You might think of employee advocacy as a trend but is as old as the concept of social media marketing. Companies have realized that empowering employees to … Continued

What Is Media Literacy, and Why Is It Important?

Used on its own, the term “literacy” is typically used to describe the ability for one to write and read effectively. However, there are a lot of parallels when it comes to literacy in a reading sense and media literacy. From the president of the United States to your next door neighbor, it is highly … Continued

The Story of Intelpedia: A Model Corporate Wiki

Intelpedia is one of the earliest enterprise wiki success stories. This wiki was started by Intel engineer Josh Bancroft in 2005. Bancroft felt that his co-workers needed to have an easy and convenient way to access company information, from historical background to internal projects.