Social Media Basics

This guide will help you understand how to navigate through the popular social media networks.

How to Identify Credible Sources on Social Media

Identifying credible sources on social media can make all the difference when writing reports, articles, or news stories. It’s even important when sharing information on your own social media accounts.

LinkedIn Headline Tips for Job Seekers

A headline can not only help you land your next job, but it can help you get noticed by recruiters and establish your brand as an expert in the field.

The Secret Behind Nike’s Great Social Media Content

Nike’s social content is some of the most eye-catching and inspiring in the world. Whether the company is sharing meaningful videos on Facebook, or encouraging audience interaction on Instagram, Nike knows how to connect with its audience.

Guide to Social Media for Associations

An effective social media marketing strategy gives associations the power to engage their audience, build brand loyalty, and unlock new opportunities for word-of-mouth growth.

Developing Healthy Social Media Use for Teenagers

By modeling what you expect and incentivizing appropriate screen time and device boundaries with fun alternatives, parents can bond with their teens in meaningful ways and empower them to make reasonable decisions for themselves.

Predicting the COVID-19 Pandemic with Twitter

This research demonstrates that this type of software architecture has possible real-world applications not only in predicting and managing epidemics but in other sectors such as de-constructing deep fake videos on the internet.