Predicting the COVID-19 Pandemic with Twitter

This research demonstrates that this type of software architecture has possible real-world applications not only in predicting and managing epidemics but in other sectors such as de-constructing deep fake videos on the internet.

Social Media Guide for Musicians

Creating an excellent social media presence as a musician is about turning total strangers into die-hard fans. Of course, it begins and ends with the music, but a solid social media presence separates the barriers between your music and your audience.  Groovy Beginnings: The Platform As an artist, it’s important to adopt an educated approach … Continued

College Athletes May Finally See Their Big Pay Day

While there is still much left in the air as far as the specifics of what student athletes can see in terms of compensation and how much control student athletes will have over their image, one thing does remain clear, for many college athletes, change may be on the horizon.

Today’s Teens Seek Approval Through Social Media

Social media can be fun and exciting. It can keep you connected to friends and family and help you stay up-to-date on the news. Unfortunately, social media can become stressful for many young people as they seek validation through likes and shares. As teens watch their follower counts rise or fall, their self-esteem and self-image … Continued

Micro-Influencer Marketing Agency – How to Choose them?

Did you know that at present 82% of the people would listen to the recommendations of the social peers? And this is one of the most important reasons why brands are so much interested in collaborating with a micro-influencer marketing agency. They are the best options to promote a brand and increase engagement. Now, the … Continued