Instagram can be such an incredibly effective tool if you’re looking to build a platform. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer promoting on behalf of a large company, Instagram is an excellent tool to use. However, it’s really important to approach this platform with a strategy. Consider the following ways you can use Instagram to benefit and increase your company’s reach.

1. Canva 
Canva is an app that allows you to create graphics. However, one of the coolest parts of Canva is that it is very user-friendly. If you don’t have a clue about which colors should go with others, Canva is perfect because there are tons of ready-made templates. All you need to do is insert your information into the templates. You can also add your choice of pictures. As you create the right graphic, you’ll be able to share and promote something that looks very professional. No one will know you made the flier from your smartphone.

2. Afterlight 
Pictures and graphics are very important with Instagram. After all, it is a picture-based app. As you take pictures with cameras and smartphones, you can take those photos and place them in Afterlight. Afterlight allows you to edit and customize the pictures to your liking. You can add tons of filters and make your photos look professional. One of the tips many marketers suggest is that you use the same filter for most of your photos. It’ll help you remain recognizable and consistent. Afterlight has many custom filters that’ll take your content to the next level of professionalism.

3. Buffer 
Buffer is an excellent program that allows you to create and store your content in advance. Sometimes, the week and schedule get filled pretty quickly. You don’t want your social media efforts to suffer as a result. If you sit down and create a bunch of content at one time, you’ll be able to store that content in Buffer. To take it a step further, Buffer has a scheduled timer that will automatically post the content for you.

4. iMovie 
If you plan on sharing video content (which is a good idea), iMovie is an excellent video editing app that can be found on your phone. You can easily record a video using your smartphone or another camera. Once the recording process is over, you can edit the video and make it look polished through iMovie.

5. PicMonkey 
PicMonkey is perfect for those who are naturally great with graphic design and want to play around with different graphics on their own. You can edit photos, create flyers and create word graphics through PicMonkey. You can take a simple quote, create a graphic with the use of PicMonkey and make it look as though you made it using Photoshop. The capabilities are endless with PicMonkey.

6. Linktree 
Within the app, Instagram only allows you to place one link in your bio section. Many entrepreneurs have a website, a YouTube channel and affiliate links they’d like to share. If you use Linktree, you can place a lot of links in this one portal. Then, you can put the Linktree link in your bio. Once a user clicks on that link, they’ll be able to see all of the links you’re endorsing at the time.

7. Instagram Proxy Services 
It’s not enough to post your content and hope that people will see you. Hashtags aren’t enough to attract the right people to your company. In fact, you’ll need to become more intentional about sharing your content with the world by interacting with them. There are proxy services that will automatically like the content of people in your target audience. Once this happens, you’re able to engage with more people on your page without spending a ton of time on the app.

8. OwlMetrics 
It’s important to stay on top of your numbers. While many people will suggest that likes and comments don’t matter, when you’re running a business, they do. Know your numbers because they will help you get an understanding of the content your audience prefers.

As you continue to use these various tools, know that the metrics will show you if the direction you’re headed in is the right one. Be open to trying new strategies and promotional tactics. As you customize the strategic plan, you’ll be able to create a tailor-made social media campaign that works perfectly for your business and what it needs to increase profits and engagement.