Millions of people use social media channels in the world today to perform various activities, including sharing data, marketing goods or services, interacting and educating. Social media is the combination of humanity and technology. It is now an integral part of the society. Some of the popularly used social media channels include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. The modern generation uses the internet and social media networks to connect with workmates, relatives and friends, making the world a global village.

However, when some individuals hear about social media, what comes into their mind is sexting, cyberbullying and other irresponsible behaviors of teenagers. It is good to understand that you can use social media channels positively and bring a huge impact on the society. Whether or not you are a celebrity, whatever you post on your social media account has a huge impact on the lives of other people in the society. Therefore, it is advisable to use social media to spread love and oneness. It is a perfect place to share or spread encouragement and positivity. Although the cases of identity theft and hacking have increased in the modern society, social media platforms are not inherently bad. This article provides six crucial ways you can use social media channels to promote positivity, love and hope, which will make the world a better place for everyone.

1. Post Positively 
Personal testimonies, appreciation posts and uplifting quotes can have a significant impact on other people in the society. Therefore, before posting anything on social media, you should rethink about it and make sure it has a positive impact on the society. For instance, a post describing how you left an abusive relationship could be what another individual wants to hear. Moreover, you should share appreciation posts to inspire others and remind them that bitterness cannot solve problems. Your posts should unite and encourage people instead of hurting their emotions.

2. Avoid Judging and Intimidating Others on Social Media 
Cyberbullying is a common problem that should be discouraged by every person. Some people use social media channels to rebuke, judge and intimidate their colleagues. This behavior is dangerous because it leads to low self-esteem. Moreover, cyberbullying is one of the main reasons why teenagers commit suicide. You can boost positivity in the world by encouraging people on social media instead of judging them because of their behaviors or mistakes. You should not put your friends or workmates down to build yourself up.

3. Share Inspiring Quotes, Videos or Images Regularly 
Social media gets a bad name when you share abusive images, videos or quotes, which promotes negativity. Therefore, you need to make the world a better place by sharing educative and inspiring quotes, pictures or videos frequently. Your quotes may inspire and change the life of another social media user. For instance, you can share your vision with others on social media and encourage them to work hard every day to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the captions of your photos should be inspirational.

4. Never Show Off 
Teenagers and some adults show off after achieving something in their lives. This is a dangerous behavior that can incite jealousy. For instance, after purchasing a new home, you should not show off on social media and intimidate others who have not made it in life. When posting pictures of your new house, your intentions should be to encourage others and prove to them that they can still achieve whatever they want in their lives. Showing off on social media will boost hatred and negativity.

5. Practice Honesty 
Honesty is an essential virtue that every human being should possess. Although it is not advisable to post everything you think about on social media, whatever you post should not be a lie. If you are honest, you will make social media a perfect place of acceptance and positivity instead of hatred and judgment. You should not post things online because other people across the world are doing the same. You should handle your social media accounts responsibly.

6. Avoid Posting Suggestive Things
Sharing your vision and opinions on social media is right. However, it is not advisable to post suggestive things on your Facebook or Twitter account. For instance, if you fought with your loved one, you should not post humiliating quotes. Posting suggestive captions such as “betrayal is the worst evil” is not a positive use of social media. The behavior will worsen your relationship and spread hatred. A positive personality will not only save your relationship but will also boost your health.

Lastly, you should stay in touch with family and friends. For instance, once your colleague posts an abusive quote or image, you should advise him or her to bring it down to avoid spreading negativity. Once everyone becomes responsible on social media, the world will be a better place. Additionally, cybercrime will decrease.