Social media has grown to become of the greatest social tools at our disposal today. Social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among others have been more resourceful than anyone would have through sometimes back. The resourcefulness of social media platforms extends into providing social help, connecting people, providing a globally interconnected help to persons in need, and providing essential comfort to those in distress. Here are 6 of the most vital ways that social media helps people today.

Connecting patients with their much-needed aid

Social media is a platform for persons of all demeanors of life. Patients have found help in social media platforms in numerous ways. The free-expression platform that social media provides has enabled patients and doctors to use the platform to provide information that would be of vital help to patients. Patients, on the other hand, have also found much-needed help in social media platforms through the reading of blogs of medical experts. Also, online-based discussions have been a vital resource for patients needing specialized medical care, especially in instances where such patients have expressed their plight through posts where they have been referred to professional medical experts.

Providing social solace

Solace in the modern-day society is highly essential, especially in instances of disaster and calamity. In the wake of unprecedented and tragic events, the social media has become an essential platform for communication where dissemination of information is executed. In most cases, such information has gone a long way to advise and inform other persons on the tragedy as well as giving the victims a chance to receive heartfelt condolences and words of solace from sympathizing users. In the wake of a disaster, the interconnectedness of the medic responders, the victims, and the rest of the society allows, for instance, persons living in other parts of the world to post share their messages of encouragement.

Opening up of opportunities

When one thinks of social media, it is easy to confine thoughts on Facebook and Twitter only. Other versions of social media such as LinkedIn specialize in professional connections which offer people with a platform to share their professional competencies and needs. Social media, to this effect, acts as a platform for self-marketing and a job-hunting ground for most people. For instance, a company director whose LinkedIn profile shows he works with a horticultural firm would be automatically connected to a graduate with a diploma in agribusiness since their area of profession is similar. Any job opportunities posted on the platform by the director would, therefore, be automatically seen and responded to by a fresh graduate. The company would, therefore, have an opportunity to hire while the graduate would have a chance to exploit tons of opportunities out there.

Sharing of inspirations

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all associated with the sharing of information that is otherwise regarded as inspirational to the rest of the society. Users are normally fond of sharing information, videos, and images that are otherwise considered as interesting, educative, newsworthy, inspirational, and funny. Such information goes beyond its way to positively impact the reader. Some constructive uses of the platform have been consistent with sharing some ‘Do It Yourself’ videos which can be vital at home or work. Other inspirational information that can be shared includes personal testimonies which have gone a long way to make other persons feel positively impacted and influenced. Testimonies of how someone copped with failure in life could, for instance, save countless others who are on the verge of failure if shared on social media platforms.

Providing help to those in need

Many times has the social media been used to spread a word of persons in need. The interconnectedness of social media implies that more persons can see a call-to-action posted by other users in other areas. Social media companies have special provisions for persons calling for financial and medical aid. For instance, a patient needing blood group O, which is rare to find in most hospitals, can have a quick positive response if the said information is spread through social media to the millions of users out there. Also, social media can be used to coordinate the provision of material and financial aid to persons in need.

Easing of communication

Social media, when regarded as a communication tool and platform, goes a long way towards connecting persons cheaply and on the go. Social media platforms have been instrumental towards facilitating communication between persons. For instance, Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram have direct messaging platforms which facilitate peer to peer communication. Most companies, on the other hand, have social media-based customer service which eases congestion in the conventional costly communication channels.