Instagram is the perfect way to share photos of significant events with your followers. However, there’s more to it than point, shoot, and post – a lot more. If you want your photos to be noticed, you need to be conscious about how you take them.

Have you ever looked at someone else’s Instagram photos and wondered why yours don’t look as good? If you want yours to be as flawless as theirs, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Your photography technique

Most social media experts recommend that you don’t take your photos on Instagram. Instagram’s camera app isn’t as good as your phone’s camera. Your phone’s camera has HDR (high dynamic range) function, which you can’t get on Instagram.

Another challenge Instagram’s camera app presents is that it doesn’t allow you to zoom. After taking a photo on Instagram, the final product is automatically cropped into a square.

The slightest blur from motion as soon as you take the photo can ruin its entire composition. You need to perfect the art of holding your phone perfectly still to take a photograph. Fortunately, you can take multiple photos to make sure you get the perfect shot.

  1. Your photo composition

The background of the photo is as important as the foreground. Look around you before you take a photograph. The world around you presents interesting backdrops against which to snap your shot.

Color is also a critical part of your photograph. As a focal point, a bright color immediately draws the eye of the viewer. Take a group photo of you and your friends in your plus size evening gowns from JJ’s House ahead of the homecoming dance. In the right light, the different colors of the dresses will create a beautiful photo.

  1. Your focus and light

Out of focus shots seldom get anyone’s attention. People are inclined to scroll past them instead of stopping to look and press ‘like’. Zooming too much can put your image out of focus. When you use the zoom function on your camera, make sure the photo is still sharp and not fuzzy.

Light is an integral part of the perfect photograph. Harsh artificial light is not as effective as natural light. Photos taken at sunrise and sunset have a unique quality about them that you won’t capture at any other time. Make sure your camera flash is on if you’re taking photos in a dimly lit room.

  1. Your editing

It’s important to edit your photographs before you put them on Instagram. Your phone has a standard set of editing tools on it. However, there are lots of new apps you can try that will help you to perfect your pictures. You’ll be surprised at how much editing you can do on a photograph to make it look even better than before.

One of Instagram’s best features is that it offers filters for your photographs. The most liked photographs on Instagram are usually filtered. There’s even research to suggest that your followers like warm filters that provide sharp contrast. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with the filters as people will label over-processed photos as too fake.

  1. It’s all in the post

Once you’ve got your photo perfected, it’s time to upload it. Before you do, decide if you want to add some text to the photo. Look for apps that let you add texts such as quotations to your photos.

When you post on Instagram, be selective. Don’t post dozens of photographs of the same event. Followers will be overwhelmed by too many images. Instead, choose a few of the very best of your photos and post those.