It’s a myth that girls don’t cheat on their partners. Sometimes your intuition is enough to tell you if there is any cheating going on but you may be blissfully unaware, especially if you’re the trusting type. 

However, there are certain obvious signs of cheating. Spotting one of two of the following signs is usually no reason to worry. If most of the following signs are present, you may have cause for concern. 

1. Her schedule changes

If your girlfriend’s schedule suddenly changes and she starts spending longer hours at work and going on business trips, it may be due to changes in her workplace but this isn’t always the case. If she doesn’t pick up when you call or her phone is always switched off, she may not be where you think she is. 

Installing the spy phone app on your girlfriend’s phone will allow you to access GPS data and know where she is. Of course, you should never use her phone without her permission. If she is innocent, she will have no problem with both of you using such software to help locate one another. 

2. She is secretive

Secretive behavior is something you should be concerned about, such as going outside to take a cell phone call or hiding her phone and not allowing you to see it. Noticing her smiling when a certain text comes in or seeing her pressing the ignore signal far more than she used to are clear warning signs. 

She may spend time on the computer and close it when you come into the room. Don’t get annoyed when your girlfriend wants to tell you everything. If she insists on privacy and doesn’t share as openly as she used to, it’s time to start getting worried. 

3. Her appearance changes

If she grooms more carefully, has a new hairstyle or spends money on new fashionable clothes she could just want to improve her looks but it could also be because she has a lover she wants to impress. 

Joining a gym, losing weight and spending time admiring her new appearance in the mirror could be clues to look out for. If she is buying new lingerie, you need to ask yourself who it is for. She may just be spoiling herself but if she has never done this before, it could be a sign that a lover is in the picture. 

4. She picks fights with you

If she is cheating, she may suddenly find fault with everything you do, from leaving dishes in the sink to not making the bed. This is probably because she feels guilty and she wants to feel justified in what she is doing. 

She may tend to lash out and be defensive when you ask simple questions about where she went or what she was doing. She may even try to pick arguments to force you into breaking off the relationship so she doesn’t have to do it. 

5. Changes in sexual intimacy and signs of affection

If your girlfriend tries to avoid sexual intimacy or suddenly wants to have sex more often, you could have a problem. She may try to pull away when you want to kiss or hug her and not show any interest in sex because she is finding it elsewhere. 

Watch if she tries to avoid expressing her feelings. She may simply ignore your efforts or change the subject. If she’s shutting down, not showing any signs of affection and you can’t get a straight answer out of her, your relationship is in trouble, whether she is cheating or not.