A passion for people or innovations may have built your business over time, however social media silence and inactivity can sink it quickly. Your life’s work won’t fall behind the times when you use these five time-saving social media tips.

1. Strategic Content Management

Any unorganized, haphazard and unpredictable practice will feel like a load of stressful work. Worse, unplanned social media posting threatens productivity and time management. You can stumble into hours monitoring competition or fall down the surfing rabbit hole.

You can remain nimble to post on breaking news, current events and spontaneous thoughts but only within some routine structure. You must employ digital communications staff or contract a social media management firm for professional content strategy. This strategy should determine the focus and goals of your content as well as schedule it in advance.

2. Mix Posting With Responding and Monitoring

Do not try to do it all every day. Small or medium-sized businesses can choose to post content once a day or even a few times a week, but they must maintain social media presence in the meantime. An active posting hiatus lets you relax from content strategy and creation to let your followers direct the brand’s communications.

This break can yield incredible follower insights and open channels to better customer service. Consumers under 25 prefer social media complaints, but older consumers will turn to online channels when they are fed up with long phone holds or ignored emails. Friendly responses, and even thanks for good reviews, take less time than full-blown content campaigns while keeping businesses engaged with followers.

3. Take Shortcuts and Use Templates

Eye-catching graphics must be part of your brand creation so online users recognize your business. However, time-consuming design scares most business owners into abandoning necessary social media efforts. Instead of giving up, invest in content management services with marketing automation, such as an attractive email newsletter and social media templates.

You will spend time in the beginning to customize templates with your brand’s style, fonts and colors. Then personalized dashboards speed up collection creations for versatile promotions, campaigns and purposes. The investment converts to more social media influence to attract more followers and partners.

4. Create Unifying Hashtags

Hashtags help your staff search quickly for customers who are talking about your products and services. Businesses keep up with their communities much easier when they use unique hashtags for special promotions and ad campaigns. They save time from sifting through feeds to determine which followers and posts to respond to according to current business priorities.

Hashtags also provide a necessary “bandwagon” effect. People are more inspired to act when they feel part of a larger group or movement hashtags help create.

5. Reuse Popular Content

Businesses don’t always have to reinvent wheels. Keep high-performing content in motion.

Wait a few days or weeks, then repost content you gained high levels of interaction with. When content sparks large conversations among followers, don’t move on quickly. Instead, build new conversations with the same themes.

These social media hacks will keep you at the top of more followers and potential leads’ minds. Back up increased exposure with accountability, great service and outstanding products to insure your business soars in real life after its online takeoff.