Car drivers often do not look out for motorcyclists and coupled with the fact that they can be hard to see, this makes riding a motorcycle risky. Riding in a safe manner and wearing the right protective gear will help to reduce your risks of having an accident. Here are five common types of motorcycle accidents and how to reduce the risks of having them. 

  1. Head-on collision

Most of the deaths from motorcycle accidents happen due to head-on collisions. The driver may be crushed or catapulted through the air onto a hard surface, especially when driving at high speed. 

When trying to avoid a head-on collision, you need to read the road ahead, drive to the right, reduce your speed and ride off the road, according to the National Safety Council

If you are injured as a result of a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, you will need to contact an attorney. Kaufman & Lynd in Orlando has motorcycle accident attorneys who will be able to offer you the advice you need. 

  1. Lane switching crash

If you are able to see the mirrors of a car and the face of the driver when riding a motorcycle, this means the driver is likely to be able to see you. When a driver is unable to see you, you have more chance of being involved in an accident. 

Be observant and look for signs that a car is about to change lanes. If turn signals come on and drivers start to check their mirrors and swivel their heads, they are probably preparing to change lanes. Of course, if someone switches lanes without any warning and you go into a car, it won’t be your fault. 

  1. Left turn crash

Anticipating a driver’s next move can help you to stay safe. If a car is at an intersection and the driver is waiting to turn, check whether there is something obstructing a driver’s view. Is the driver actively observing traffic or looking at a phone? 

It will help if you can establish eye contact with the driver and make sure he knows you are there or he may turn out in front of you. Move over to the lane far away from the car, and be prepared to take evasive action. 

  1. Lane splitting crash

A motorcyclist squashing between two lanes of cars that are stationary or moving slowly is a common sight. Lane splitting is a common cause of accidents because the close proximity between the motorcycle and cars leaves little room to maneuver. Cars are not anticipating that anyone will pass them and aren’t expecting it. 

It is illegal to lane split in certain states. If lane splitting is legal in your state and you do lane split, you should make sure you have enough room to get through safely. If you see a gap between stopped cars, it could be because a car is trying to merge into another lane 

  1. Corner turning crash

You need to ride at a suitable speed so that you don’t get into trouble in a tight corner. Enter it wide and slow and once you are sure you can handle it and there aren’t any hazards, you can speed up and get out of it quickly. 

If you accidentally take a turn too quickly, you shouldn’t panic but trust your bike and lean in to the turn. Keep your line of sight ahead of the turn and your hands will follow your eyes. If you slam on breaks, you may be thrown off the bike.